Raya in Kuching 2

The purpose of coming back for raya is of course to visit our friends who are having open house. But besides that, it’s also to relax one’s body and mind from the hectic work schedule. Okay, enough of that.

Kuching is of course the best place to go out because there are no traffic jams or anything. On Tuesday (or was it Monday), we went to Lake Park to have a chat with our fellow soon-to-be-doctors friends (and also some non-doctor friends). Did you know that your heart is not on the left side of your body but in the middle!!? No, I didn’t know that haha

Ahh.. one of the wonders of living at home: unlimited food!

Living at home is bliss. You don’t need to do the laundry, or cook or wash the dishes or go out and buy food and stuff like that. Living at home is comfortable and nice. I have everything I need at my fingertips. If I want to go out and ‘lepak’ with my friends, they are just a phone call and 15 minutes away. Kuching is so small that I can probably reach Indra’s house in 15 minutes if there are no police around.

Luckily this was buffet style =P Et is on the left, having her 2nd bowl of laksa.

Okay, enough about how homey Kuching is. On the 2nd day of raya, we went to visit Indra and Ashraff. We didn’t stay very long at Indra’s house because he (and us) wants to go to Ashraff house since he got open house that day. So off we go to the heir of Merdeka Palace’s house (like Paris Hilton with her Hilton hotels). And we spent almost 5 hours there. The picture you see above is just part of what we ate. The table was cleared several times =D And we watched the movie RV.

They don’t run that fast. I should know because I chased them.

Back at Indra’s house, we went rabbit hunting for a while. Found only 2. There should have been 3 but the other one is probably tumbling down the rabbit hole, like Alice in wonderland. Okay, this is not making any sense.

And how can I forget my cat. She acted like I was gone for just one day when I came back.

It’s probably due to the fact that I woke up at 8 this morning. Supposed to send my mum to the workshop to get her aircond fixed up. But I suddenly realised that my car had a flat battery because instead of charging, the faulty battery charger actually discharged the battery down to 3V!! (Normal battery voltage is 12V). So after charging up the battery using an improvised method (kids don’t try this on your mum’s car), I tried to start it. But it won’t turn over.

Slowly but surely, it’s being constructed. Spent most of my time troubleshooting the display section of the circuit, just to realise that the CD4017 was damaged! Replaced with a new one and everything worked like a charm. A sidenote here. A high frequency wire running across the clock crystal can make the clock faster by 7 seconds in about 8 hours. Interesting…

Later, my brother’s friend came over and we used his car to jumpstart. I managed to crank it and it spluttered to life. But it was running on only 3 cylinders!! (supposed to be 4) And then I realised that the spark plugs must be replaced. After blowing the engine (stepping on the gas pedal repeatedly, the 3rd cylinder came to life and the engine was running normally. Drove to the workshop, changed the plugs and it drove like a dream.

She misses me. That’s why she’s spending so much time with me. Serious. Sometimes I wake up in the morning staring at a cat haha

For dinner, went to eat butter prawns, oyster and midin at Batu Lintang. And later I went to pick Joanne up after her chinese tuition and went to Huising to have the infamous matterhorn. Now I must sleep soon because I need to wake up at 8 to go to the office and use the engraving machine. Continue reading