End of Raya in Kuching

Time really flies when you are having fun and sleeping until 1pm. I’ll like to say that this is my longest break yet this whole year. Yeah, believe it or not. This one week plus (9 days) has been really fun, thanks to you guys in Kuching. And of course, there’s no place like home.

Testing out the engraving machine. Didn’t work as well as I predicted. Or maybe it wasn’t meant to engrave things on cd covers.

We had a farewell dinner for those leaving for KL (that includes me) and Indon at Jojo on Friday night. This time round everyone was quite on time. Me, Et and her friend Nicole were the first to arrive at 7pm sharp because I went and pick them up. Then Adrian and Junella came, followed by Joanne and Benita and finally Indra (which we cannot blame since he lives across the river and the ferry doesn’t come that often… oh? they have a bridge now?). Hmm.. I hope I get that sequence correct because I have extra short term memory when I’m on holiday haha pictures are in the order in which they are taken:

Indra and Adrian. Trying to see how much it would cost if we want to order “everything”.

Junella and Joanne. Joanne is saying “3 dishes for me where got enough!?” haha hope she doesn’t read this…

Dr Benita. You might get a discount if you mention me the next time you go see her :P

I’m probably laughing at how the tissues that I stuff under the turntable suddenly appear magically on the other side of the table.

Et’s friend Nicole. Her dad is the head of CID in Miri so you better not make her disappointed if you bring her out on a date, else you might get arrested and charged with sexual harrassment.

And finally our photographer who refused to be photographed.

So after the dinner we went to visit KC who couldn’t make it because he had to study. Then we went to hang out at Joanne’s house for a while until it was time for her to watch her Malaysia-Singapore drama at 9:30pm. Had to send Benita back and Indra to his car which was still parked at Jojo. Then we went to hang out at Et’s house for a while until 12plus, at which I had to go back, else I won’t be able to drive at all due to the tiredness.

And today was a whole day of doing nothing, preparing to go back to KL. Watched High School Musical on DVD. Went out for dinner. Saw Kenny Sia at Popular bookstore. Came back. Packed. Blogged. Not going to sleep until my flight at 5am.

And here’s a list of things I didn’t get to do:

  1. Eat gubak mee.
  2. Eat kolo mee.
  3. Walk to Damai.
  4. Go to the funfair.
  5. Play futsal with my friends (only played once with my bro’s friends).

So goodbye Kuching! Hope to come back soon! (25dec-1jan) Continue reading