Why you should marry an Engineer

Let me tell you why girls should eventually marry an engineer over a
Law, Management, Arts or Medical School
Graduate. He has three distinct
advantages over the rest of the

Advantage 1: Secure lifestyle

An engineer boyfriend can provide you
with a
secure lifestyle. At 27
years old, an engineer probably has a
stable job that gives
him a high income to own a car,
invest, have a
comfortable life, and get
married and buy a house too.

Law graduates are still working as a
apprentice in law firm.

Most management graduates have just
failed on
their first business plan.

The arts graduate is still looking for
a job.

And the medical school graduate is
still living in a

Advantage 2: Unmatchable

An engineer boyfriend will dedicate an
unimaginable amount of his time
and effort to understand you.
Engineers strain
really really hard to
understand their work. You can believe
that they
will try really really
hard to understand women too, just
like how they
understand their work,
once they believe that you are the
one. So even if
they don’t understand
you initially, they will keep on
trying. Even if they
still do not
understand, they will figure out the
correct method
to keep you happy
(e.g. buy diamond ring = 1 week’s
worth of
happiness.) And once they
find out the secret formula, they will
just keep on
repeating it so that
the desired results appear.

Unlike the Lawyer who will argue with

The Management graduate who will try
to control
your spending, The Arts
graduate who will ‘change major’.

And the medical school graduate who
will operate
on you.

And you know what, it’s really so easy
to make
engineer s believe that
You are the ‘one’. Say that you like
one of their
project and they will
be hooked to you forever.

Advantage 3: An engineer boyfriend
will never
betray your trust.

Let me first tell you what is wrong
with the rest of
the others – The
lawyers will lie about everything.

Management graduates will cheat your

The arts graduate will flirt, and you
probably just
look like another
cadaver to the medical school graduate.

Your engineer boyfriend is either too
busy to have
an affair, and even
if he does, he is too dumb to lie to
you about that.
Hence, an engineer
is the most secure boyfriend that you
will ever find -
rich enough, will
keep on trying to understand and
please you, has
no time for affairs,
and too dumb to lie to you.
plus they r cooler than the others

So girls, why procrastinate?
Get an engineer for your boyfriend!

I didn’t write this out. A friend showed it to me and I think it’s pretty interesting. Guess I didn’t choose the wrong career haha anyways, this is just a joke. Lawyers don’t sue me ok? By the way, this is my pay slip for this month:

The minus RM38 is for the unpaid leave I took during Raya. The overtime I did was very little, about 2 1/4 hours for 5 days and one Saturday. Imagine if I did overtime for the whole month. Yeah, I’ll be dead haha Continue reading

Busy Busy Busy

I remember a time when I can just stay up as late as I want and wake up whenever I want and do whatever I want. That was the 5 months after SPM. Come to think about it, it wasn’t such a waste of time. At least I can look back and said I had sufficient time to relax before stepping into the working world.

Alright, back to reality. I’ll be coming home for Christmas!! Hopefully from 22 Dec till 2 Jan. And hopefully everything goes well. My (unpaid) leave has already been approved by the lead technician and now it’s up to my (insert foul language of your choice) apprentice training officer to approve it. He has something against people taking leave. And he’s never happy, so if he sees you happy he’ll try to make you unhappy.

And I have been having some problems with my MSN. So if you talk to me and I don’t answer, it doesn’t mean I don’t like you. Sometimes I don’t get your message. And I really want to post up pictures on Melaka, but some of them are with my brother. When I get all of them I’ll put a post up.

I guess that’s all. Stay tuned. Interesting posts coming up ;) Continue reading

Back from Melaka

And back to work. Been very busy over the weekend at Melaka. I’ve got some pictures to show but that will have to wait until tomorrow. Have to get my stuff done before 10pm. In the meantime, see how thin a V3 is compared to my Eten. I’m using the V3 now for a change. I know. I used to say I hate flip phones. But that was before I used one.

Ok, maybe it’s not too obvious here, but you get my point.

Continue reading

Pay day!

Today is payday! The day we’ve all been waiting for since the uhhh… last pay day! This payday is special because I got my first overtime! Instead of the usual RM570, I got roughly RM660. If I work harder and have no life, RM1000 is possible.

Anyways, going to Melaka later, using Google Earth as my map. Now I’m having the extended Friday prayers break. Will be going to Jonker street. Anyone want any antiques? Call me ;) Have a nice weekend! See you all on Sunday! Continue reading

Port Dickson (2006) Part 3

The last and final part of the Port Dickson trip is here. I’m sure you’re getting bored of this and would wish that I’ll talk about something else. I will. After this post.

I woke up only after 5 hours of sleep at 10am after someone told me it was 12pm. Had steamboat for breakfast/brunch and then we proceeded to the beach. It was a clear day with some hint of rain. We discovered that there was an arcade in the resort and one token costs only 20cents! Usually it’s around RM1 outside.

Clear day at Port Dickson.

This is Penang. My friend says she lives on the white building on the left. I doubt she’s drunk at that time though.

So we explored the resort and the beach. I’ve actually been to the beach before so it’s nothing new to me. It’s like going to Damai again and again in a short period. I was here roughly a month ago for the LYC2.

Right. Before we went to the beach we decided to crush somebody’s ribs.

And we deicded to take some pictures along the way.

This looks like a scene from “The Magicians of Love” =D

And guess what! We found a free horse ride!! But guess what? You must be 30KG and below or you’ll break the horse’s back. And I learned not to stand behind a horse because it might kick its leg out. Luckily I didn’t learn it the hard way. My friend told me la.

We took turns taking picture with the horse. Notice no one is touching the horse?

And then it was time to go back. So we only managed a short walk on the beach. I brought back some seaweed for my friend’s aquarium but the fishes ate all of it. It’s going to die anyways.

Keyhole view from our room.

So all in all, it was a very enjoyable trip. Nothing beats spending some time with your old friends. Not even that extra RM100 to do overtime during the weekend ;) Continue reading