Port Dickson (2006) Part 2

As promised, the 2nd part of my Port Dickson trip. I didn’t blog last night because I had to go Nilai to fetch my mum and my brothers who came from Kuching for their holidays here. And the jam didn’t help very much. Went to PJ Hilton to pick my cousin up, had dinner then we went to look for the Sri Petaling Hotel. It’s RM130 per night. We found it eventually, and it was a pretty nice place.

And while going back home and getting stuck in the Federal highway, I got a call from Eve. I know you’re not supposed to talk on the phone while driving because you’ll get “saman” by police, but there were no police around. Thanks for calling and trying to meet up with me although I’ll never have the time to do that ;)

Okay, back to the PD trip. This was what we had in store for our friend.

Yes, red hot chili peppers!

I didn’t take picture of the wasabi stuffed squid haha but it was hilarious watching him eat all those without knowing it was us. Although it looked suspicious because it was only him who “kena”.

Two steamboat cookers can fry an extension cord.

After dinner we decided to play some cards, using spoons as money. It was addictive. Haven’t been gambling for a long long time =D

Gambling with spoons. We almost had to resort to using forks as the stakes become higher. 1 fork = 2 spoons.

And what kind of gambling/trip will be complete without alcohol?

Lelong lelong!

We actually got sick of gambling and decided to call for a timeout at close to midnight. We have a birthday boy present so we threw him a birthday party. It was really well planned out, with the cake, the cards, the surprise. And after eating the cake, we just sat around talking and drinking. Here’s some pictures taken from our sea-view balcony.

I managed to take a picture of a streak of lightning. Lightning activity was high that day, but it didn’t rain.

The bright flame you see is a gas refinery burning off its gas. If you look carefully at the lights on the left of the picture, that’s Penang!

There was a lot to talk about even though I wasn’t at Inti for that long. I slept at close to 5am. To be continued. Continue reading

Port Dickson (2006) Part 1

I’ve decided to split this post into 3 parts to ease the strain on your broadband connection and my fingers. The whole photo collection that I’m going to post up is 1.38MB, big enough to fit on a floppy disk. But now that I have split it into 3 parts, the pictures are probably all loaded up once you finish reading this =D

Taking photo while driving. Not recommended. I drove close to 300KM for the 2 days.

This trip is actually a reunion of the “Siao family” because many of us will be going away soon. It’s like a long deserved break for me because it’s been quite long since I had the chance to hang around with these crazy people and to have fun. So I took the opportunity, and it was well worth it. Really enjoyed myself =D

Seremban is so big that it’s split up into many parts.

Before we actually head on to Port Dickson, we had some shopping to do. But before that, we had brunch at a dim sum shop. And before that, I woke up at 8am to get ready to head on over to Nilai to meet them.

The new Seremban Jusco. We didn’t buy our stuff here. We went to a wet market.

Buying what we needed took a long long time. You know how girls are like. They will go into every shop they can find to get what they want. It’s not a bad thing actually. We guys need girls like them to help us do our shopping =D

I forgot to take the entrance. But this is the view from my room.

We reached the unknown resort at around 3pm. I will not reveal the name because I forgot. Normal check in time is 3pm. But our prebooked room wasn’t ready yet. So after arguing politely, they upgraded us to a “sea-view” room for free (usually an extra RM50)!

View after the rain.

Sea-view. Fisherman going out to fish.

Guess what? I never swam in the sea! haha once we got there we were so hungry that we started preparing the steamboat. A special steamboat. The two steamboat cookers actually fried the extension cord because of excessive power usage. So a new extension cord was bought, along with ice for the drinks and a lot of junk food.

The “chefs” preparing a very special steamboat.

I did mention that this was going to be a very special steamboat. And it was. How special was it? You’ll soon find out ;) To be continued…

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Shisha night

Exams are the blockages to your social life if you’re still in college. At work, your weekends are all yours unless you want to go back and work overtime on Saturday and Sunday. So after Indra finishes his exam, he gets bored after one day of doing nothing. Me, him and KC went out to Bukit Bintang just for the fun of it. Little did I know what they had in store.

My day started perfectly well. Work was normal. Did a bit of overtime till 7pm. Then off I go for futsal. Due to the jam, I reached there just in time. Game was good. After our 1 hour was up, another team came with 6 persons. And they begged us to stay and play with them. So some of them stayed, but I had to go back to shower because I was meeting Indra and KC at Bukit Bintang at 11pm.

It’s a shame that I forgot to bring my camera. There was a horrible accident near Sunway. So many people was there. Cars have to use the kerb to go through the 2 lane road. Reached home, shower, picked Indra up at Sunway and then headed off to KL city. Managed to make it to Time Square after only one wrong turn.

I had my dinner then at around 12am. They came up with the plan to try Shisha. Shisha is like smoking, except it’s mild and non addictive. KC the doctor should know better. So we went to get one for RM15. KC being the experienced one shows how it’s done. Videos below.

I’ve never tried cigarettes before in my life so I cannot compare with this. But taking a puff from the shisha is just like inhaling. There’s no special feeling to that. But your throat feels dry after that. And the shisha makes you light headed, similar when you’re drinking.

Luckily I managed to drive back safely =D

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Site glitch

Some of you might have visited my site a few days ago and found it suspended. That was because I forgot to pay for the hosting. Just one of the few disadvantages of using paid hosting.

Anyways, I was at Bukit Bintang with KC and Indra on Friday night and Port Dickson with my Inti friends for the weekend. Posts will be up soon after I get some time to relax ;) Continue reading

World of Planes

I haven’t been talking about planes lately because I’ve been really busy with them. I’ve no time to take some quality pictures (I missed the opportunity to photograph the yellow Nok Air 737 which belongs to the Thailand’s low cost carrier. It is painted to resemble a bird.) and the chance to talk about them. But today I’ve taken a bit of time to show you a bit on the hangar I’m in now.

Nok Air planes from nokair.com. The yellow one is not shown here.

I’m now at Hangar 3. This hangar has 2 lines, line 8 and line 9. Line 8 is for tail docking a 747. Line 9 is for tail docking a A330. But now there are 4 planes there. There’s an additional line in between 8 and 9, and it’s know as line 8.5. Line 8.5 is for nose docking a 737. A 747 is parked in front of the 747 that is tail docked in the hangar for engine installation.

This is how the planes look like at 7:20am. The #2 engine (2nd engine from left) was installed overnight.

Multi plate disc brakes. Imagine the stopping power.

The reason why I cannot take everything I see is because I’m at a workplace. I took these pictures during my breaks and after work. It won’t be appropriate to take pictures while working. There was a landing gear retraction test today, but I don’t have the videos to show.

Nothing to do with planes, but this is how this morning looked like. It’s not haze, it’s fog. Try a cold shower at this time.

The hangar looks best in the evenings and in the mornings. But it’s almost impossible to do work then.

A330 on line 9. Just did a landing gear seal change on the right main landing gear.

Garuda’s 737 on line 8.5 (currently the plane I’m assigned on), 747s at the back on line 8.

It’s been a long week and I’m really looking forward to the weekends for futsal, kl with kc, nick, indra them, and pd with my Inti friends. Continue reading