6 days notice

3 posts per day is usually too much, but then it’ll make up for the days I didn’t blog. Anyways, 6 days till I’ll be back in Kuching. YES! My leave has been approved! I’ll be holidaying from 22nd Dec until 2nd Jan 2007! That’s 12 days! Now what to do in Kuching?

Been working non-stop everyday for almost 2 weeks. I’m finally taking a rest tomorrow. I know, I may have neglected my friends, but work was my first priority because it involves my career. But I will try my best to balance things out. Got to start studying soon, going to sit for my EASA exam next August if everything goes well ;)

So I hope I’ll see you all back in Kuching! =D Continue reading

Vodka lightning

Vodka bottles not only contain fun when they are full. When they are empty, they can be fun too! Some pictures using torches to illuminate the bottle. I’m having a crazy night by the way…

Illuminated using led torch.

Illuminated using a conventional torch.

Warning to the general public: Don’t drink and drive. Continue reading