Merry Christmas 2006!

Merry Christmas! Sorry, haven’t been updating regularly. Been busy paying my sleep debts and living an idle life. Here are a few updates over the past few days.

Christmas dinner during Christmas eve. Nothing beats home cooked food. Haven’t been enjoying good food until I came back.

23rd night went out to Tao with friends. Haven’t seen a lot of them for a long time. 24th night, had christmas dinner at home. 25th night, had pot luck over at Joanne’s place.

Joanne and me.

Clockwise: me the Intruder, Joanne the Host, Pei Ren the Artist, and The Queen Jocelyn.

The food was great. Someone actually brought matterhorn! It would be complete with kolo mee but then Indra would be left out… and then later we had a game of poker. Unlike casino royale, we were playing with even higher stakes: water. We used cups of water as stakes, with the loser drinking his “losses”.

Derek and his 6 cups of “losings”

Uhh… not exactly the best cards in the world.

Junella raising the “bets”.

On other news… someone actually don’t know how jambus look like =D Now you know…

It’s great coming back to Kuching, hanging out with friends, doing nothing for a change ;) Continue reading