Moving: Part 1

I got the house key today!! So cleaning starts today. We worked on the living room, kitchen and first floor room. Everything looks sparkling clean now. You can probably eat from the floor. Some pictures as promised.

Outside while waiting for the agent to come with the house key. The fence need a bit of work.

Really heavy rain. Alvin blocking part of the picture.

Number 43. We have grills! Easy to host a BBQ.

Living room. Couch and 42″ plasma TV will complete this picture.

Kitchen BEFORE cleaning.

Ground floor room.

Step 1: Remove all nails and fill up the holes with wall fillers.

Unique stairs.


This room alone has more than 10 nails. The previous tenant must like nails a lot.

Step 2: Put on some music.

Step 3: Use plenty of chlorox.

Very large bone found behind the house. Photo by Mark I think because I don’t recall taking this picture.

So yes. We are all satisfied with this house and we get to have our own room! Can’t wait to move this weekend! Cleaning to be continued tomorrow… Continue reading