Moving: Part 2

Today is the second day of our house cleaning. We managed to clean the whole house today, not including the exterior garden and porch and drains. We’ve moved about 50% of our stuff there. I’m typing this post on the floor in the living room because I moved my table over just now. As promised, more pictures:

Acting cute.

Girls with short skirts beware when using these stairs.

All cleaned up. Sitting on the floor is not a hazard anymore.

Clean kitchen.

Tan’s downstairs room aka the storeroom for the time being.

Alvin cleaning his room. More stuff on the living room upstairs.

Marks’ room.

My toilet. The tiles need to be cleaned with acid.

My room. I filled up all the holes here. Still got some exposed wirings.

Stairs leading down. Need a light at the wall above the stairs where the wiring is.

Fast at work.

Empty living room. But clean.

We met some of our neighbour. There was one ex-MAS staff now working at GE. There are a few MAS staff around as well. All are very friendly. But there’s something about this area that’s scary. Almost all the cars there have been broken into sometime or another. 2 cars have been stolen. They have now just set up a guard post so I hope nothing bad happens. The porch is just big enough for one car. Maybe a live webcam or something?

Tomorrow will be another day at paradise =D Continue reading