House hunting

Sorry for the long absence. I have been quite busy sorting some things out. Moving away from an apartment is not hard. Moving away and kicking one of our housemates out in the process can be more challenging. A lot of things need to be taken into consideration. Very long week. Anyways, it’s almost over now so I’m not going to talk about it. Here’s our new house!

Downstairs toilet. One of my housemate love this kind of toilet configuration so he’s getting this room.

The room downstairs.

One of the rooms upstairs. There are 2 similar sized rooms upstairs.

Upstairs shared toilet.

And of course we have the master bedroom with its own toilet.

Pictures taken using Tzy Shih’s K610 because my ixus ran out of battery and I didn’t realise that. The house is big with 4 rooms. The 4 of us will get our own room. Finally! The rent is RM600 a month. More pictures will come after we get the keys to the house tomorrow. I’ll probably document the moving as well, which is set on next Saturday. Continue reading

Apple iPhone

Apple has done it once again. They managed to come up with something that everyone is dying to get their hands on. Too bad we’ll be getting it only in 2008 in Asia. Maybe a trip to US sometime July?

Sleek and thin. Like the iPod.

One of the highest resolution screens around. 160ppi.

Slide to Unlock. Cool.

It’s a phone, an internet device and an iPod.

Here’s a video of Jobs explaining the iPhone (5mb).
*Pictures from

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Very relaxing weekend indeed. NOT! I went out today to get my clutch changed. And guess what? The workshop at Sunway was way too busy to do it for me so I had to buy the clutch and send it to my trusty mechanic here at Subang Perdana. He graduated from Germany and he’s really a professional. So I think letting him do the job should be fine. I’m just afraid of the heavy pressure plate of the new clutch. Might take a toll on the left foot.

3 puck clutch. This is called the “clutch plate”. Normally when your clutch slips, this is the culprit.

Clutch cover or pressure plate. This is what keeps your clutch engaged. There is a spring here which pushes the clutch plate against the flywheel.

This is how it will look like when installed.

I’m drunk by the way. 37% is way too much…

So ya, going to change my clutch on Monday. I’ll let you know how good it is or how hard it is going to be to drive my car. I’ve been sober for almost 4 months. But today is the 13th of January. If you recall, I came over to KL on the 13th of January 2006 for my MAS training =D So I’ve been here one year! Yay to me! =D Continue reading

Roadtax shock!

Since this is the first time owning a car, I’m not used to regularly checking the insurance or roadtax and things like that, though I probably am very conscious of the viscosity and the color of the semi-synthetic engine oil that’s begging for a change now. Anyways, I decided to check when my roadtax expires last monday and I got the shock of my life!

My old road tax. Can you see when it’s expiring?

Closer look if you can’t make out the faded prints.

IT EXPIRED LAST AUGUST! I HAVE BEEN DRIVING ON THE ROAD ALL THESE WHILE WITHOUT A VALID ROADTAX FOR 5 MONTHS! I’ve been to Nilai, Melaka, my brother drove to Ipoh and back. I’ve been to KL numerous times. This really shows how efficient our traffic police is. Or maybe I was just really lucky.

Anyways, I got my new roadtax today and I’m driving legally on the roads again! My days as a criminal has come to an end. Now that I got my new roadtax, no one can use this post against me =D

Thought of the day: Is it time to renew my roadtax? Continue reading

I'm 20!

I have been 20 for almost one day! Turning 20 is not such a big deal for me because there are no extra perks for this age. When I turn 21, I’ll be able to vote and do some other stuff. Anyways, I’ll like to thank those who remembered and took the effort to send me a message. Thank you. I really appreciate that. One of the technicians at work also remembered my birthday and he told me “not to work so hard today” haha

At 6 something in the morning. My roommate had to switch off my phone (I slept at 10 plus) after midnight because it kept ringing. I had set it to loud.

After I came back from work. And some more after that. Thanks, you all really made my day!

Thanks to Tan and Marks (housemates) for waking me up (everyday) and commenting that I look older, Alvin James for remembering to check his Friendster Birthday Reminder, Mum, Dad, Zhing, Inti friends Hwey Shan, Jia Ying, Li Fang, Chun Kiat, Jet, Kok Hoe, Alan Goh, Irene, Sherleen, Yih Kang, Patricia, Wan Shen, Addison, Cheng Ying, Shih Wei, Daniel Wee, Lodge friends Bev, Indra, Joanne, Derek, Adrian, Pei Ren, Joce aka the Queen, Benita, Ronald, and really long lost friend Pei Ming and last but not least Janet =)

If I’ve forgotten anyone I’m very sorry but it’s the thought that counts =D

Oh ya, my birthday wish? To make the world a better place ;) Continue reading