iPhone interface for PocketPC

For a few days before Chinese New Year, I’ve actually been quite busy developing my very own iPhone interface for the PocketPC. After looking at the functions and interface on the iPhone, I was keen on bringing it over to my Eten M600 PPC. The iPhone interface was pratical, looked neat and it was way cooler than any wm5 theme. And it was unique as well.

“Slide to Unlock”

The iPhone home screen.

The iPhone iPod scrolling effect. Watch the video below to see it in action.

Everything is written using PPL1.20. PPL can be downloaded for free from http://arianesoft.ca Although this looks like an iPhone, it will never be an iPhone. But until it is released in July this year, all we can do is to try and imitate. I posted the video on youtube. Watch here.

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Back in KL

I’ve been very lazy at blogging over the past few days in Kuching. And now, I’m back in KL! Anyways, a short recap of what happened from the 3rd day of CNY till the 7th day. Went visiting a lot, including chatting at Danny’s place for 5 hours, blew up glass bottles behind my house using “chai lei” and KC brought his “crazy bang” which I think would be perfect if it was used to blow up bottles. It did make a very big hole on the ground though.

Carp had the nerves to ask me to format his laptop on my 2nd last day in Kuching. haha just kidding la.

This is what you call broadband. My connection here in KL sucks. Maybe it’s because of the wireless I’m using.

So I took the early morning flight but I did not manage to get the 5:50am flight. It was unexpectedly full. I took the next one which was at 7am. Flight was very routine. I have lost count of how many plane trips I had since last year and it felt like taking the bus, except much more hassle (checkins, security, waiting).

Rusted after being exposed and unused for 14 days. So you can tell if a car has been sitting unused just by looking at the brakes.

I took the bus back from KLIA, dragged my lugguage to my car and drove back. Quite nice to be back here again. I’m still on leave until Tuesday.

Guess what happened?

Refer to the picture above. This happened on the day I left (13 Feb). A car was parked there (the place where the pieces of the broken wall now lay) and you can see some glass on the floor. What happened was, someone reversed parked at the bottom before the wall was knocked down. Someone obviously made a big mistake when trying to park at the space above. He/she knocked into the wall and made the wall collapse onto the car below. The rear windshield of the car below was shattered. When I saw it (around 2:30pm), the unlucky owner of the car probably did not know what happened until the end of the day. The culprit is obviously no where to be seen. So the moral of the story is to park upstairs. Continue reading

The Undead Blog

I was browsing through my previous blog and I realised that it was still generating hits even though I had abandoned it. So I went through some stats log and discovered something valuable that I had left behind.

Average 10 visitors a day to my now abandoned blog.

People still go to my old blog for a free pdf copy of Harry Potter’s half blood prince and for instructions on how to install Mac OSX on their PC.

Last link still working ;)

Someone linked my site from http://distrolinux.net/macos/dvd_macos.html while some people are pouring in from mac forums.

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Recording your sound card's output

Just found a great way to record sounds from your sound card’s output without having to put a mic near your speakers. This is taken straight from http://www.everything2.com/index.pl?node_id=1310145

“So, you ask, why would you want to record your sound card’s output? There are many reasons. The main reason I use this technique is to record the output of music programs like ReBirth and SimSynth, where the demo version doesn’t allow one to save any files. Another use is to get around copy protection on downloaded music or sound files.

This is the method for recording your sound card’s output under Windows. Unfortunately, I don’t run either Linux, MacOS or any other operating systems – perhaps someone who does can add to this node.

The first thing to do is to open up the Windows Mixer. Look for a little speaker icon in the system tray. If it’s not there, go into Control Panel, and depending on your version of Windows, open the Multimedia or Sounds and Audio Devices control panel. Check the “Place volume icon in the taskbar” checkbox, and hit OK.

Once you have your volume icon, double-click on it. This brings up the Playback Control mixer. From here, you can adjust the volume for each individual sound source on the system – wave or DirectSound output, MIDI, CD Audio, Microphone, Line In and so on. However, the option we’re looking for isn’t here.

Click on the Options menu, and select Properties. Click the Recording radio button. Now, look further down the dialog box, and you should see a list of items with checkboxes next to each one. Make sure the “What U Hear” or “Mixer Output” (or, if you can’t find either of those, anything with the words ‘soundcard’, ‘mixer’, ‘loopback’ or ‘output’ in it) checkbox is checked.

Click OK. You should now see a similar-looking but subtly different Record Control mixer. From here you can adjust the gain of each recording input*, and select which input you want to record from. You want to record what’s coming out of your sound card, so select the “What U Hear” or “Mixer Output” (or whatever) checkbox.

Now, start up your favourite audio software and hit Record. Press Play on whatever source you want to record from. Wait until it’s finished, then stop recording. Edit the resulting sound file as required and save it.”

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2nd day of Chinese New Year

Today I spent most of the day meeting up with my old primary school classmates after not seeing each other for 7 years. We’ve all changed quite a lot. Didn’t managed to meet up with all the 50+ of my classmates in PURPLE class. I was in purple class all 6 years of my life at Chung Hwa No 3. But it was certainly fun to see all of them again. Brings back a lot of memories.

Interestingly, the world is a really small place. We find each other somehow connected in one way or another. They might be a friend of our friend, or a classmate/collegemate of a friend, or related to a friend of a friend, or live very near a friend. You get the idea.

So yes, I visited 8 houses today and I think the ulcer on my tongue is getting worse. Tomorrow might be going out with kaichia.com members and maybe visit my relatives and friends. More to come soon. Continue reading