Hot spell

It’s been very hot over here in KL for the past few days. No rain at all. The good thing is my clothes dry out very fast. The bad thing is, the heat is unbearable. So I didn’t go out the whole weekend but I’ve been working on something. Will be unveiling it soon =D

Check out the contrast.

It’s freaking hot out there. How I wish it was snowing like in the UK.

I thought I could escape the hot spell by going back to Kuching. But Bev says it’s the same back home =S Oh by the way, 1 day till I go back to Kuching! I will arrive Tuesday evening if nothing goes wrong. Will be back from 13th till 26th. Long break for me. Then it will be back to a lot of work for me. Saudi’s Boeing 777 just came in this afternoon and it is rumoured that it’s going to be a lot of work. And by the way, the last 777 I worked on was released on last Friday, about 6 days ahead of schedule. Good news, maybe more bonuses coming up! =D Continue reading

China iPhone

It didn’t take long to come up with an iPhone clone. But unlike other clones, this clone seems to have better features than the iPhone. Bigger screen resolution, 3G, better camera and most probably a lower price tag. So what’s stopping you from buying this phone right now?

The real Apple iPhone.

The very obvious iPhone clone. Meizu M8. Continue reading