2nd day of Chinese New Year

Today I spent most of the day meeting up with my old primary school classmates after not seeing each other for 7 years. We’ve all changed quite a lot. Didn’t managed to meet up with all the 50+ of my classmates in PURPLE class. I was in purple class all 6 years of my life at Chung Hwa No 3. But it was certainly fun to see all of them again. Brings back a lot of memories.

Interestingly, the world is a really small place. We find each other somehow connected in one way or another. They might be a friend of our friend, or a classmate/collegemate of a friend, or related to a friend of a friend, or live very near a friend. You get the idea.

So yes, I visited 8 houses today and I think the ulcer on my tongue is getting worse. Tomorrow might be going out with kaichia.com members and maybe visit my relatives and friends. More to come soon. Continue reading