Happy Chinese New Year 2007!

The new year started with a bang. Literally. Fireworks this year is more intense than last year. It lasted for about an hour. Had our family reunion steamboat dinner at home.

New Year’s day, entertained guests. And I met my primary school classmate. I will be following her tomorrow to visit some of our primary school friends which I have not kept in contact for some time.

After dinner, went out to Bev’s house and then to Vui Leng’s house. Played poker and lost a few billion in a bluff. And then we went over to chill at Junella’s house and had her secret cold pork legs dish and chicken. And also cheesecake and biscuits, a bit of wine and sprite while watching Blast Off!

I think I’m having a mental block now. Will blog more tomorrow. Here’s a little something I’m working on now:

More details soon…

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Back in Kuching. Again.

Coming back to Kuching used to be very challenging. Sometimes I won’t get a seat on the flight because I’m using standby ticket (RM112 return to Kuching). Sometimes I would have to wait for hours. But not this time.

From applying my leaves, taking time-off, taking the bus over to KLIA and getting our boarding passes, it was all smooth and easy. Now coming back to Kuching is not a matter of luck anymore. The secret? Apply leave early. I came back with Alvin on the same flight on Tuesday evening.

I took the airbus home.

Flying away from the sun.

Not the best picture ever taken, but this is how Kuching looks like at night.

So I’ll be back in Kuching for 13 days. Plenty of time to spare. Today I went out with Bev, Benita, ET, Eve, Sam and Attan for breakfast at Foody Goody and I had my bowl of laksa with big prawns. I had a craving for laksa about a week ago when I was still in KL. So it’s good to have 2 bowls in 2 days.

Then we dropped by at Sam’s house and then we went to meet up with Carp (who’s now an apprentice at a construction firm) and ate at Banana Leaf. I ordered a banana leaf beryani with lamb shank and it was RM14. Not my usual budget for lunch and it wasn’t excellent either.

Came home to relax and have dinner, then off to open air with Ad and Bev. Had my matterhorn and we sit and talked about everything under the sun. A lot to talk about in 2 hours haha

Yay!! Birthday card for me!! Just belated one month only :P

And I have to go pick up the other half tomorrow :D

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Saudi Arabian 777

I didn’t get to note down the aircraft registration of this 777. It came in on Sunday. It’s parked outside because the 9M-MRK which I said had left is still in the hangar awaiting EGR. Here are some pictures of the Saudi 777. Its engines are different from the MAS’ 777. We’re using the Trent 800 while they should be using GE.

777 under the morning sun. Time around 7:30am

Saudi Arabian.

9M-MRK. You’re looking at the right wing-tip. This is the zone where I’m working (the whole right wing).

In the background you can see a 747-400. It’s on long term parking and I think it was sold to Boeing.

777 engines are greatly oversized.

Nice blades =D

Towing to the side to do functional checks.

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Dangers of Blogging

The dangers of blogging. The problem with blogging is that you cannot have control over who reads your stuff. Of course, you can control what you put on your blog but that defeats the purpose of blogging. Today I’m going to tell you why you should and shouldn’t censor your blog posts.

It RAINED today! Someone up there must be reading my last post “Hot Spell”

I think the real reason behind why we moved from our apartment to this new house and why only 4 of us (instead of 5) moved has not been properly disclosed. But if you have been following my blog closely for the past 2 months, you would have come across a post disclosing a very sensitive issue. I have deleted the post some time ago so no use looking in the archives for it. Ask me personally if you want to know.

That particular paragraph in the post started the whole idea of moving out. There were some problems with one of our housemate. At first I thought I was the only one not happy with him. But fact is, my current housemates were not happy with him either. It’s just that we never told each other. So when I blogged about him, they read my blog and realised the truth. Then the revolution started and here we are today :D

So in this story, expressing your feelings on a blog can open up many doors. What if I had never blogged? I’ll say we would still be stuck in that apartment, unhappy with the way things are. Now at the new house, it’s paradise. I just can’t wait to come home everyday without the stressed out feeling I had at the old apartment. Housemates play a very important part in a house. I just can’t tell you how lucky I am to have such great housemates here now.

EXCESSIVE drinking is bad.

Now on to the ugly side of blogging. My housemate just told me that his sister reads my blog and his sister found out about us drinking and apparently his mum knows about it. I was very surprised to hear that because how on earth can she find my site when there are about a kabillion sites on the www.

But he’ll probably not get into too much trouble. That aside, blogging can be very dangerous. You might get sued by apple by posting pictures of iPhone icons on the PocketPC. The government may ask you to take down stuff they don’t want people to see. Blogging is no more free of censorship. Now you cannot write what you want or people may start judging you.

So the conclusion is not to write anything that you want on your blog. And what you read on my blog may not be everything that I do. But what’s written here is the truth, and nothing but the truth. So keep that in mind. Happy blogging! :D Continue reading

Hot spell

It’s been very hot over here in KL for the past few days. No rain at all. The good thing is my clothes dry out very fast. The bad thing is, the heat is unbearable. So I didn’t go out the whole weekend but I’ve been working on something. Will be unveiling it soon =D

Check out the contrast.

It’s freaking hot out there. How I wish it was snowing like in the UK.

I thought I could escape the hot spell by going back to Kuching. But Bev says it’s the same back home =S Oh by the way, 1 day till I go back to Kuching! I will arrive Tuesday evening if nothing goes wrong. Will be back from 13th till 26th. Long break for me. Then it will be back to a lot of work for me. Saudi’s Boeing 777 just came in this afternoon and it is rumoured that it’s going to be a lot of work. And by the way, the last 777 I worked on was released on last Friday, about 6 days ahead of schedule. Good news, maybe more bonuses coming up! =D Continue reading