Rubber band gun

When browsing through Jonker walk last weekend at Melaka, I was distraced from the lalas there by this rubber band gun. This is no ordinary rubber band gun because you can load up to 6 rubber bands at one go and you can kill injure annoy 6 people before needing to reload it.

Going for as low as RM5 at Jonker street.

The gun has a simple mechanism that allows the cog wheel that holds the rubber bands to advance one step with every pull of the trigger. And the gun is surprisingly accurate. Since the rubber bands’ position on the gun is fixed, the trajectory of the rubber bands are fairly consistent.

One rubber band loaded and ready to be fired.

Loading of the gun is simple enough. Just make sure you have plenty of rubber bands lying around.

Almost fully loaded with 5 rubber bands.

My only concern for the gun is the cog wheel mechanism, which is made out of plastic. I’ve found through experience that plastic stuff don’t last very long. But the good thing is the barrel of the gun is made out of wood which will last. And it gives the gun a very solid feel, like an AK-47.

You don’t want to see this when I pull the trigger =D

Due to a bit of inconsistency on the cog wheel design, sometimes the rubber band fires only AFTER you pull and release the trigger. On normal times, it fires right after you pull the trigger.

Cheap bullets.

Here’s a video showing how the gun is fired:

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Vista Skin for XP

Drooling over the UI of Vista? Wait no more. Make your XP look like Vista! Just follow the steps at and you’ll have a Vista look alike running in no time.

Looks like vista, minus the Flip3D, transparencies and sidebar and many more.

Nice glow!

Make sure you update your uxtheme.dll file when you do this or you will not be able to use the themes that were not signed by Microsoft. I made the mistake by not doing this step and I was wondering why the vista theme won’t appear in the selection at the Appearance tab.

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Melaka Trip 2007

Melaka was interesting. But the water park at A Famosa was incredibly fun. Not to mention the food and Jonker walk and some interesting stuff we saw during the trip.

We left Subang at close to 8am because we need to drop a friend off at AirAsia Academy near LCCT to try for a pilot position. Strange enough, we saw some female applicants there as well.

These tanks can probably store enough fuel to run my car forever.

We went to have breakfast at a mamak beside Inti at Nilai before continuing our journey to Melaka. Roadworks were still being carried out along the stretch to Melaka so there were occasional crawls but it was a great improvement over the 3 hour jam I suffered last time I went to Melaka.

Melaka wasn’t as far as I expected.

Playing dangerous on the highway.

We stopped by at A Famosa waterpark at 11am. It looks very deserted but it’s good that it’s not too packed. We didn’t need to wait for long or line up to go for the slides. Entrance is RM30 and the slides are all free. I think it’s a good value for money since it’s so much fun although the number of rides are severely limited.

“Inner tube”. Alvin and Woon managed to flip the tube on the way down with me and my brother close behind them.

“High speed slide”.

The ride you see above must be the most extreme ride you can find on this park. Looking at it from below makes you want to try it out. But as you climb the stairs to the start of the slide you start to have 2nd thoughts. Then you see some people climbing DOWN the stairs and you know something is wrong. When you reach the top, you wondered if anyone died while sliding down this thing.

Can you imagine how high this is? It’s like climbing my old 5 storey apartment.

The slide on the right is milder if compared to the one on the left. But both will give you incredible acceleration and huge G forces. I actually flew when going down the slide on the left. Scary experience. Nothing can explain why I went on it 5 times.

Wave pool that generates ripples, i.e. not big waves.

Overall, there were not many rides at the waterpark. So I agree with bev that it is boring after a while. But it was fun trying out different combination when going down the slides. So I would recommend going there with a few crazy friends and if you’re lucky, someone might just slide off the high speed slide ;)

Think of it as a giant kite that you can sit on. But without the string.

We dropped by at the microlite hanger to check out their planes.

Looks like fun. For RM130, you can get a ride on one of these.

3 bladed fixed pitch prop with reduction gearbox.

At about 4pm we left A Famosa and headed towards Melaka. Reached Melaka at close to 6pm, got the room key from my Mum’s friend (thanks!) and we went to Mahkota Parade to have our dinner and then headed back to sleep until close to 9pm.

Kueh teow and fried oysters.

I’ve not got much pictures on Jonker walk. There’s just too many to see ;) And then we went for late night supper at close to midnight at Norton and ordered fried kueh teow and fried oysters. Suprisingly enough, they closed at midnight. But the night life at Melaka is plentiful. The clubbing scene there is very lively. But since none of us go clubbing, we just took beers back to our room.

I was still out at 11am.

Met up with Jeff, a friend whom I met with my brother the other time we were at Melaka. And he took us out to eat chicken rice balls at one of the many chicken rice ball shops. And then we went out for cendol at the place I had cendol the other time I came.

Cendol with lots of gula melaka.

Rojak was finished when we came.

And after that, we headed back to Nilai to drop my brother off at Inti and we headed back home. Short but nice trip. A big change over the normal routine I have during weekends, which is sleep and online and sleep. Next destination, Langkawi!

Mahkota Parade as seen from our room from 7th floor. One bedroom apartment was RM180 per night. Continue reading

Melaka trip

I’ll be leaving for Melaka tomorrow morning after sending my friend to Airasia Academy to try for a pilot position there. Journey will be an estimated 2 hours and this time I will try to write up something about Melaka.

We will be staying here for the night. Late night movie is just across the street.

Places we will be visiting. Chicken rice ball shop is a must of course ;)

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