Rubber band gun

When browsing through Jonker walk last weekend at Melaka, I was distraced from the lalas there by this rubber band gun. This is no ordinary rubber band gun because you can load up to 6 rubber bands at one go and you can kill injure annoy 6 people before needing to reload it.

Going for as low as RM5 at Jonker street.

The gun has a simple mechanism that allows the cog wheel that holds the rubber bands to advance one step with every pull of the trigger. And the gun is surprisingly accurate. Since the rubber bands’ position on the gun is fixed, the trajectory of the rubber bands are fairly consistent.

One rubber band loaded and ready to be fired.

Loading of the gun is simple enough. Just make sure you have plenty of rubber bands lying around.

Almost fully loaded with 5 rubber bands.

My only concern for the gun is the cog wheel mechanism, which is made out of plastic. I’ve found through experience that plastic stuff don’t last very long. But the good thing is the barrel of the gun is made out of wood which will last. And it gives the gun a very solid feel, like an AK-47.

You don’t want to see this when I pull the trigger =D

Due to a bit of inconsistency on the cog wheel design, sometimes the rubber band fires only AFTER you pull and release the trigger. On normal times, it fires right after you pull the trigger.

Cheap bullets.

Here’s a video showing how the gun is fired:

Good to terrorize your housemates with. Continue reading