Went back to Inti during the weekend and I found out last minute that they were throwing a dinner party for Jiaying. So I told them I would be late for the reunion and went out for dinner at some restaurant at Nilai. Pictures still not with me yet.

Somebody left this at the MENS room.

Melaka’s A Famosa Water World.

While sitting down over lunch the other day, we suddenly had a spontaneous idea to go Melaka this weekend. And since I lost all my Melaka photos to a dead hard drive, this is a good reason to go and get some more pictures from the historical city and maybe a few rotary phones ;)

My dvd rom decided that it only want to read DVDs from now on. And I formatted my hard disk to install a fresh copy of XP only to realize that those CDs cannot be read. So after much trouble, I copied everything that’s on the i386 folder on the XP cd to my laptop hard disk using a USB to IDE converter, boot to dos using a special bootable DVD that I made a while ago, and ran “winnt”. After several tries, I finally got my XP up and running.

DHL people are really efficient. They say they will come at 8pm, and they are only an hour late. They used pdas with barcode scanners to deliver packages. I wonder if there’s gps on those devices. And thanks for the package! You know who you are ;) Continue reading

PPC iPhone Updates

I have been in contact with Tomasz Rychlicki of on the legal issues surrounding the iPhone interface that I posted up almost a month ago. I received a letter from youtube a few days ago saying they have removed my video from the site. Hmm… didn’t that happened a month ago?

Screenshot of my pda camera showing XP screensaver. At least I know Microsoft won’t sue me for this.

I checked today and found that there were still 2 copies of my video on youtube. Thanks for the uploads! ;) Videos are here and here. Anyways, here’s what those people are going to get about a month from now:

Hmm… I didn’t know Apple owns the rights to my video.

So if the only thing preventing me from releasing this piece of software is the icons, then why not change them to something else? A friend of Tomasz came up with some icons to replace the original iPhone icons.

The only similarity is the polished look on the icons. Great work!

I’m not saying that I will be pushing for a release anytime soon. I’m still working on something that I hope to be able to release soon. Nothing much can be said now as I’m still on the planning stages, but it has something to do with lock screens ;) Continue reading

Aircraft electronics bay

This is one place you don’t want to be when all the systems are powered up. The heat generated by all the modules can turn the whole place into a sauna room. Special ventilation is required to prevent them from burning up. But for any geek, this is the 2nd best place on the plane to visit besides the cockpit.

This is part of the bay. There are still some more stuff behind me.

Looking at all the wires running into the bay will remind you of the Matrix. It’s unbelievable. Big bundles of wires are everywhere. And to imagine that the brain of the plane depends on all those signals and information coming in from those wires. And signals going out to solenoids or actuators or motors that move the flight control surfaces.

Cool display.

These modules are actually removable. They are like server racks. If one fails, you just pull it out and replace it with a new one. That means you can solve a problem easily and prevent delays at the airport. And there are many type of modules. Some are TRUs (transformer rectifier units) that convert 115v AC @ 400Hz to 28v DC, some are flight data recorders, cockpit voice recorders, spoiler control units, units that provide information to the displays in the cockpit and many more. I’m not under avionics so I’m not too well versed with their systems.

Rows and rows of circuit breakers. There are 2 of these here and some more in the cockpit.

Circuit breakers are important to prevent the overloading of the power supplies. And it’s useful to isolate parts of the plane that you are working on. For example, if you’re working on the ignitor plugs on the engine, you don’t want high voltage to come zapping. So you open the CB to the excitor.

Another CB panel.

Wires wires and lots more wires. This is probably 1% of all the wires you’ll see in the electronics bay and the forward cargo. Might get a bigger picture soon. Continue reading

Weekend break

Finally the weekend is here. Been quite a busy week. But today there is almost no work because the avionics guys and the Saudi reps haven’t given us clearance to install the floorboards. 6 more days to go.

Broken 40GB laptop hard disk. Possible future project.

A mirror perhaps?

I will be heading up to Nilai tomorrow to Inti for our rural service reunion. Haven’t seen them forever. Continue reading

New table!

When I first set my eyes on the big Mikael table at Ikea about a month ago, I knew I had to get it. It was very big, clean looking and had a glass top to protect the surface. And best of all, the price of RM269 (with the glass) was way too hard to ignore. So about a month after that, I went to Ikea Damansara and bought it.

My old table which is getting too small for me.

I believe the reason why my table is so messy is because the table is to small to put enough stuff on it to be productive. There are times when it was so cluttered that I had difficulties moving my mouse. So bigger table, more place to put stuff, less clutter. We’ll see how true that is.

After some assembly, the table is done! Looks big for the room.

Lots of legspace.

Unbelievably neat.

Glass. My mouse doesn’t work on glass surfaces. New laser mouse or new mousepad?

Now that’s what I call spacious! All I need now is a swivel office chair and a 24″ lcd screen :D

An interesting advice here. Do not drive a Toyota Corolla SEG to buy this table thinking it will fit with the back seats down. NO IT WILL NOT FIT. It won’t fit the front seat as well, or the back seat or whichever way you put it. The only way is to open the whole package and fit in the pieces one by one, starting with the top of the table, followed by the glass, and the rest can go in easily. It took me and Alvin 10 minutes to figure that out. Thanks man, I owe you one ;) Continue reading