On holiday

No more going to the hangars for the next 11 days. I’m on leave from now till the 6th of May. Will be leaving for Langkawi tomorrow so there won’t be any updates for a few days. I’ll be back in KL on the 30th and will be flying back to Kuching on the same day also.

Bought train tickets through the net.

Langkawi will be quite a journey because it will be an 11 hour train ride to Alor Setar from KL. Then we need to take the bus and the ferry to reach Langkawi. At Langkawi we will be checking in to a motel at Kuah and renting a car to get around. Not sure what we’ll be doing for the first night but I think you have a pretty good idea ;)

The plan.

I’ll try to update once I get back from Langkawi. For those of you taking your leave at around this time, happy holidays! Continue reading