Notepad trick

If you have Windows XP try this out. You’ll need to open up your notepad. It’s under accessories just in case you didn’t know. Open up notepad and type in “bush hid the facts” without the quotes.

Type in the sentence like so…

Save the text file anywhere you want but make sure you remember where you save it. Exit notepad and then open up the text file you have just saved. This is what you will see:

Just boxes.

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Open source advantage

What’s better than having one person working on a piece of software? Having more of course! When you thought you had the best solution/method/idea somebody else comes up with a better solution/method/idea. And the software keeps improving with time ;)

Running on Tmobile network. Picture from

I’m talking about Re’s Launcher and Unlocker that was released about 14 days ago. With the source available, programmers have already come up with several versions. Here are the links to some of them:

And a FAQ for those of you having problems: FAQ.txt

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Sepang F1 2007

I know this is about a week late but I have been busy for the past week. Once I even slept from 8pm till 6am, skipping dinner. That’s how busy I am. I wasn’t called babi for no reason :P

You can’t see blurring images of cars traveling at 300kmh from here, but it was not too bad too. (Photo courtesy

My brother (thanks!) managed to get F1 tickets from Inti college Nilai because they were giving out free tickets to their students. I heard from him that if the organizers don’t fill up the seats, Sepang won’t be able to host the F1 event next time. So what better way to fill up seats than to give away tickets worth RM800?

We didn’t manage to get a picture of a Ferarri 360 Modena that parked here as well. I bet the owner regretted bringing his Ferarri here because he’ll probably need to wash the car after the event.

It pays to keep your formal college’s student ID. Just make sure you don’t give it back/let them punch a hole on it/let them cut it into pieces. For me, I’m still a student at the college, but they’re probably wondering why I haven’t enrolled on my 3rd semester. My dad got a few letters on that last year.

The area before the gates to the grandstand.

The race starts at 3pm but I had to drive up to Nilai so I was up at about 8am and reached Nilai at close to 10pm. Had a quick lunch and quickly drove up to Sepang. As expected, it was jammed there. I would say we were caught in the jam for an hour, including looking for the parking area and everything. We only managed to get to our seats at 2:30pm, just in time to see the teams warm up. Not that they need any warming up since the day was extremely hot.

Parking. RM50 for 3 days. RM50 even if you come for the Sunday race only. What a rip off!

I think Sepang still earns a bit of money through the parking. They charge RM50 for a parking space. Look at the picture of the Porshe above. The owner paid RM50 to park at some hillslope with lots of holes (I burned the clutch on one of the holes) and with no exits. So basically once you park there, you can’t get out until the race is over because everyone double parks and they even park at the exits, leaving you no space to maneuver. Very poorly organized. I would expect much better when you charge people RM50. And big shots still complain that people don’t turn up for F1 events.

The “F” stand.

Anyways, we were supposed to park at PA2. BUT we have to go all the way to PF1 because that’s where our stand is. So we illegally parked at PF1 although the guy there stopped us at the entrance because we had a PA2 parking sticker, but he had to let us go because there was a car coming up behind.

See the red shirt red cap guy under the white umbrella? He’s making sure you buy their overpriced drinks and food by throwing out all your “outside” drinks and food. And they say no one is interested in watching F1 at Sepang.

We actually just walked through the gates by showing our id. No tickets, no wristband or anything. Kinda dangerous considering that they can sue you for trespassing if they found you without a ticket.

The view from the stand. Not bad considering we can see the starting grid, 2 straights and 3 corners.

Luckily it wasn’t raining. But it wasn’t cloudy either.

Some fanatic fans trying to stir up the atmosphere. I think they got the biggest cheer from the crowd when they say “Malaysia Boleh!”

Some of us from Inti who went. Left to right: Jia Ying’s friend, Jia Ying, Zho Ying, my brother Tzy Shih and me.

The race started promptly at 3pm. 10 seconds later the winner was decided. If you have been following that race, you’ll know that McLaren secured their 1st and 2nd position from the first corner during the first lap and managed to keep it that way till the race ended. It was amazing watching Alonso widening the gap between his team mate and the 2 Ferarri cars behind him. At one point he was ahead 9 seconds. So we saw his car pass by and disappear and 9 seconds later we see another McLaren being tailed closely by 2 Ferarris.

Sometime during the race.

Not sure why this one turned out blurry.

And there’s a screen showing what’s going on during the race.

Overall it was an okay race. But you get thirsty and hungry after a while. And having being robbed of your bottle of water and food, you just have to wait for the race to finish and get out of there. The hot weather didn’t help much.

A sea of people.

And then jam. BHR4011, I hope you’re reading this because you used the emergency lane during the jam and you thought no one knew.

And MBG 9308. Any traffic police reading this? :D

Went for dinner and then I took a nap before driving back down to Subang. A little bit of jam at the Sungai Besi toll plaza but other than that, it was a smooth drive back.

Should have used the other way back.

Not as bad as it looks.

So yea, amazing weekend. Great race by McLaren. And it’s Thursday once more! How time flies! It’ll be friday and the weekend tomorrow! Nothing much planned up for this weekend. A bit of rest perhaps?

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Random thoughts

I think the worse smell that you can get in your car or on your hands is the smell of petrol. I cannot stand the smell of petrol in the car. Even if you wind the windows down and let it air, the smell still stays there. I was unfortunate enough to have a bottle of petrol + 2t with a leaky cap when under hard acceleration, the bottle tipped over and the contents started leaking out.

And I had to reach to the back to reposition it and I got petrol all over my hand. And then I need to shift gears and steer with that hand. Now my car stinks of petrol.

When you leave things alone, they magically start to have defects. Things being left alone for too long suddenly stop working. Today I spent nearly 3 hours trying to start my bike and it finally started but I couldn’t go for a run because it was too late already and it had a flat. Went to fill up the tires and pump some petrol (refer above incident) for a run tomorrow.

On other news, my Optic 6 transmitter seem to not want to transmit any signals. It’s working fine but the receiver doesn’t seem to get any of it. So without a transmitter I can’t fly, and the engine’s acting up again. Dies when doing a vertical climb. Probably a seal on the prop shaft is worn.

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Taming of Ulu Yam

The good thing about KL here is that there are many unknown and hidden places (at least to me) that you can go. And the best thing is, my KL friends know where those unknown and hidden places are. If you ask me to bring you to a waterfall in Kuching, I can only think of Matang.

If you can find the center point of this picture, you’ll find Aizat, our amazing organizer who came up with the whole idea of going to Ulu Yam.

So what better way to get out of the hangars and away from all the sweat and hard work than to visit a cold and breezy and quiet getaway with all your friends. Some of which you haven’t met for sometime because you’re assigned to hangar4. This was a great opportunity for me to meet up with all my other batch mates again.

Starting the fire. Looks good eh? Wait till you see the next picture.

We started off by meeting at a mamak stall at Subang Perdana. We said 7.15am we’ll depart from there. But being typical Malaysians, I think it was 8 something before we left. Then we made a stop at Sungai Buloh KTM and Giant to meet up with a few other people.

Ahh.. there it is. Our savior. Somebody conveniently brought along a gas stove.

I’m not really sure how to get there but I heard it’s on the way to Genting. No wonder the water was freaking cold. We reached there around 10 something and unloaded all the stuff and started to prepare the site and light the fire. As you can see we didn’t have much difficulty with the help of some firestarters and a cheating gas stove.

A whole crateful of grape juice. Nobody thought we can finish it, and we didn’t. I bet people are still wondering where the purple colored water came from.

BBQ site.

That’s beef you’re looking at man…

Separate mini barbecue pit.

Food was plentiful. There’s enough to eat and there were a lot of junk food left over. Maybe someone should bring rice next time so the meal would be complete. We had macaroni, chicken, beef, maggi mee and lots of junk food.

I think we ate and barbecued more than we were in the water.

And here’s how you “marinate” hotdogs.

The water is freaking cold. At least to me. And the weather is not hot either thanks to the trees. But I did managed to get into the water. We build some barrier to restrict water from flowing downstream so the water level will rise.

We saw a professional photographer (I assumed because he was using a dSLR and a tripod) taking a picture at this angle. Hmm.. Maybe I need a dSLR to get a better picture.

“TAME” – Trainee Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. I didn’t write that. It was there before we came.

Suspension bridge.

Water way to go! Spot me if you can.

Chicken slow cooked to perfection.

It was a very nice trip. Nothing beats getting away with your friends once in a while. Especially those that you haven’t seen for some time. And talk about the past, catch up with the latest happenings. Hope there will be more to come soon! Continue reading