In Kuching Once More

I realized I haven’t been talking much about work lately. Problem is, it’s getting very routine for me so I don’t find it very special anymore. Not to say it’s getting boring, I still learn new things everyday and will be doing so for the rest of my career.


The plane that I’ve been working on is the Saudi Arabian 777, registration HZ-AKC. I’ve been working on the right wing of this plane and for the last few days we were doing functional tests since the aircraft is going out. This is also the time where the flight controls are rigged/calibrated/adjusted. Any defects found now such as leaks from hydraulic pipe lines or inoperable units will be troubleshooted and rectified.

Another view of the HZ-AKC.

Today we did the rigging of the ailerons. Hydraulic power is applied in order to do the rigging. People in the cockpit must be very careful not to turn the control wheel, else the ailerons might move unexpectedly (once the test is finished and if hydraulic pressure is still being supplied because during the test, the computer does not take into account the position the control wheel is in) and cause damage to equipment or injuries to persons.

Anyways, straight after work I took the bus to KLIA and boarded the 630PM flight back to Kuching. I swear if I take another flight back to Kuching, I’ll be able to remember which parts of the sky the route uses. But of course, it’s worth coming back for the laksa and kolo mee and the gubak mee and the matterhorn and the midin and the fried oyster and many more.

I forgot to bring my phone charger back. Don’t bother calling until I can find a way to charge my phone. And now it’s time to go watch LOST season 3 episode 21. Continue reading