Weekend at Melaka

Looks like I’ve been to Melaka quite frequently these few months. It must be the food or the lalas. Anyways, this time Ben was kind enough to drive us there and show us around Melaka (he was from there) and introduce us to the foods there, the historical sites and girls.

Freaking hot day.

Our plan was to set off from KL before 9am. Me, Alvin and Keng Hoo went with one car and parked at Cinelesiure 1U to wait for Young. Then Young came and pick us up and drove to Ben’s house at Jalan Ipoh. Then the 5 of us used Ben’s car to journey to Melaka.

Each rice balls cost RM0.30.

I didn’t bring my camera along so these are some unpublished photos from my 2006 trip to Melaka. The first place we stopped by is at the Chicken Rice Ball shop for brunch. Melaka is famous for its chicken rice balls and there are so many stalls around Melaka. My 3 trips here, I went to 3 different chicken rice balls shop and as far as I’m concerned, there’s not much difference in those 3.

Didn’t have time to visit Jonker Walk this trip though.

Later we went to Ben’s aunty’s house for a chat. Following that was a walk to A Famosa and a museum full of Melaka’s history. We climbed up St Paul’s hill to have a look at the ruins on top of it. A funny observation. Whenever there’s a well or some cavity in some ancient building, people tend to throw coins in it.

Then there was the TYT museum. We just breezed through it because it was so huge that you need at least a day to read everything there. 2 years of sejarah lesson covered in less than 2 hours. The cendol was calling anyways.

This place has the best cendol, IMHO.

And then rojak. Their rojak is interesting. They put kangkong and bean sprouts in it. It’s like eating a vegy dish with rojak sauce. Not a bad way to fill up during those afternoon breaks. If I were in Melaka I would be frequenting these places often. But then again, I don’t go eat Kolo Mee everyday in Kuching also.

This panoramic view was taken from Mahkota Hotel. Click here for larger version (1MB).

We dropped by at the newly opened (relatively new) Dataran Pahlawan which is opposite of Makhota Parade. Let’s just say visiting malls in Melaka is like staying in your hotel room at Hawaii. Next stop was Bukit Cina. It’s a graveyard on top of a hill. People enjoy jogging there in the evenings.

Then it’s time for dinner and satay celup. Most of you (my spell checker included) might be wondering what satay celup is. It’s not satay that’s celup-ed into a sauce. It’s actually food on satay sticks (some uncooked) that’s dipped into boiling hot secret peanut sauce to cook it. Here are some pictures from umami.typepad.com to illustrate my point.

Each stick is RM0.50.

Some take longer to cook than others, but overall, everything should be cooked within a minute. Word of advice. Don’t wear white.

We lined up for satay celup for almost an hour! You won’t believe the queue. But it was worth it, being able to try one of the best satay celups in town. We didn’t eat a lot, because our next stop will be the Portuguese Settlement for some seafood.

For seafood, we had lalas, some snails, they tried raw oysters, some fish and some seashell thing. It was actually quite good though the snails tasted quite bitter. I think that’s why they give us a lot of sauce to eat with.

No time for Jonker street this time.

Not bad for a one day trip. We actually went to more places than last time during our 2 days one night stay. I guess it’s good to travel with someone who knows the place well. But it’s always interesting to visit the unknown and just make your way around. You might not get the best of what they have, but at least you’ve tried and you get a sense of accomplishment ;) Continue reading