Perodua Viva Test Drive

I had the chance to test drive a Perodua Viva yesterday. There was a campaign for the car at the canteen and the lady asked me if I wanted a test drive. Who would refuse such a request? So after ordering my lunch, I went for a short drive.

Perodua Viva

I can’t say much about the car because I only drove for a very short while. But first impressions are always very important. The model I drove was the premium 1.0 manual transmission with ABS and everything. One thing I noticed is that the car shakes a lot. There’s vibration coming up from the gear shifter when you’re driving.


The clutch is not too heavy though. It’s as light as the gas pedal so traffic jams shouldn’t be a problem. The 1.0 liter engine pumps out 45hp and 90NM of torque. Needless to say, the car wasn’t as zippy as it should be. Power steering was a good addition to the package as it makes driving around town easier. Can’t say much about the interior. It is more spacious that the previous Kancil but it is still not as wide as normal saloon cars.

If I had 43k (for a 1.0 premium model), I’ll be getting a Myvi because it’s more spacious and in my opinion, it looks better. Viva ad below:

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