I LOVE Streamyx… NOT!

Sorry about the 2 days of post-less gap. Streamyx decided to go on leave for 2 days. My physical shoutbox experiment has gone down the drain because of that. I’m now blogging through KLIA’s free wifi and I will be in Kuching for the weekend. The shoutbox experiment will continue for another few days next week. Looking forward to that.

As usual, I will be switching lines after 3 months at line 11 10 (777). This time I’ll be going to line 7, working on a 747. I have never in my life worked on a 747 so this will be a very good learning experience.

Kuching food pictures will be up soon! Save your dinner for those ;) Continue reading

All is clear again

Went to Sepang to watch JGTC just now. The race was boring, left halfway. I think most people went because of the Japan race queens. How do I know that? This was what I saw halfway during the race:

People more interested in the race queens than the ongoing race.

Finally I got my camera back from my brother. It’s like having short-sightness for the past week. Now everything seems crystal clear again. So now I’m reposting up clearer pictures of some of the things that I’ve been doing.


Got a new rubiks cube from toys ‘r’ us. Has been scrambled and solved one time only.

Red Luxeon K2 led on a heat sink. The heat sink gets pretty hot at 500ma. I wonder what kind of heat we’ll be dealing with when we power the white K2 at 1500ma.

My very crude “led driver”. Uses only 2 resistors to give a resistance of 3.9 ohms. The proper way is to drive it with a boost converter to improve efficiency.

And finally, my physical shoutbox setup. Thanks to those who shouted. Your shouts have been read.

I seriously need a better webcam in order for you to see what’s on the paper. But not to worry. Once the testing phase is complete, I’ll scan the pages out and post it up so you’ll be able to see all the shouts there. Continue reading

Luxeon K2 led

A red luxeon K2 led from Farnell arrived yesterday. I hooked it up to a simple current limited circuit and tested out its capabilities. I must say, this is one of the brightest leds I’ve ever seen. It’s so bright that even if you look indirectly at it, you’ll get retina burn. This red led is rated at maximum 75 lumens at 750ma. I reckon the brightness you see below are about 50 lumens as I was running it at 500ma only.

The Luxeon K2 led. Brightest led in the world (as of now).

I had to mount the led on the heatsink to prevent it from burning up. The heatsink gets pretty hot after a while.

Interesting halo effect.

Close up.

The focused beam on the celling.

And when it’s dark.

I’m still waiting for another blue and white Luxeon K2s so I can use the white one to build an uber bright torchlight capable of blinding people. The white luxeon led will emit 130 lumens at full 1500ma. The red and blue ones will go into other projects.

In other news, toys ‘r’ us are selling grenades to train young terrorists. Better to start young they say. Continue reading

No time

This is such a lame excuse to escape from doing anything. And I think I have enough of using this excuse over and over again. Today, I’m going to stop using this phrase and organize my time properly. First agenda, fix up the trainer and fly this weekend. This trainer of mine has been grounded ever since the last radio glitch incident which happened almost a year ago.

Cracked firewall, glitching radio, detached rudder hinges, and some other small problems. Should be done by this weekend.

I will be going for the JGTC this Sunday at Sepang. Hopefully it’s not as packed as F1. My brother got free tickets from Inti again. I didn’t make a mistake when I joined Inti to further my studies :D

Some components that I ordered from Farnell has arrived already. It’s still at my friend’s house but I will have it tomorrow. What did I get? You’ll see tomorrow ;) Continue reading