No time

This is such a lame excuse to escape from doing anything. And I think I have enough of using this excuse over and over again. Today, I’m going to stop using this phrase and organize my time properly. First agenda, fix up the trainer and fly this weekend. This trainer of mine has been grounded ever since the last radio glitch incident which happened almost a year ago.

Cracked firewall, glitching radio, detached rudder hinges, and some other small problems. Should be done by this weekend.

I will be going for the JGTC this Sunday at Sepang. Hopefully it’s not as packed as F1. My brother got free tickets from Inti again. I didn’t make a mistake when I joined Inti to further my studies :D

Some components that I ordered from Farnell has arrived already. It’s still at my friend’s house but I will have it tomorrow. What did I get? You’ll see tomorrow ;) Continue reading