Flying day

“If you want to say me, say directly la!”

“Directly la”

It sucks not to have a car to use in KL. Can’t wait to get my car back from my brother next Thursday. Anyways, today was flying day and I haven’t been flying for almost a year because I couldn’t wake up early in the morning and my plane was neglected because I was too busy with the planes at MAS. I flew Tan’s Stik 40 today.

Stik 40 with .46 OS engine.

We got to the field around 9am. Can you believe waking up at 7:30am on a Sunday morning? Met an engineer whom I’ve worked with at MAS. He was flying his Trex heli with a brushless outrunner motor. Amazing performance from an electric helicopter.

This is our run way. Bumpy and full of rocks, makes take off and landing a real challenge.

.150 size engine here for egr today.

So we made a few flights with both the Stik40 and the Super Air. The Super Air with a .52 engine was guzzling down fuel like crazy, and every landing is a deadstick landing because it runs out of fuel so fast that you don’t realize it.

Refueling the Super Air.

Then they decided to have a dogfight between the Stik40 and the Super Air. The Stik40 flies faster with its .46 OS engine but during flight, the wing decided to give way and separate from the fuselage. The wing was okay, but the fuselage was a total loss.

What remains of a Stik40.

This cat reminds me of my cat at home. Blue eyes, white fur, long tail, female.

Went to Amcrop Mall to check out some RC planes to replace the crashed Stik40. And that was when I found this:

Old school rotary phone. In almost perfect and full working condition (tested on my phone line).

This phone caught my eye when I was on the escalator. I immediately went down to have a look at it. The phone was in a good condition. No visible scratches, no broken things, rotary thing still works. It’s the EXACT same phone I have at home in Kuching.

So I was curious. How much would the owner be willing to part with it. I was thinking on the region of hundreds (Jonker street Melaka selling for over RM600-RM1200 but my bro managed to get one for RM80 last time). So when the seller said he’ll let go for RM80, I took it right away. Best deal I had for today!

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How 200+ LEDS look like

I went to Pudu to get these in the afternoon. Those of you who never went far using a bike should do so someday. Then maybe you’ll use your signal lights more often when changing lanes at the highway. Anyways, nothing dangerous happened during the trip, just a bit of rain when coming back.

Doesn’t look like 220 here eh?

So I went to the shop and asked how much an led would cost. They told me RM0.50 per led. Then I asked how much discount can they give if I buy a lot. The lady asked me how much I wanted. I said 200 plus and she thought for a while and she said she’ll let me have it for RM0.12 each. Holy cow! That’s almost 80% discount!! I wonder what their profit margin is like. Anyways, I wanted a brighter version which costs RM0.25 each.

Can you tell what I’m trying to do now?

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PARIS IN JAIL: The Music Video

PARIS IN JAIL: The Music Video

I don’t mind being confined

To LA State Prison
Cause I would drive with DUI’s
I caused some collisions

They tell me now that my appeal has been denied
and that this sentence is now bona-fide
How bout a jail that won’t insult my civic pride
Like somewhere on the Upper West Side
with a water slide…ohhh noooo

Even though they say I’m shady
I’m really so refined
I need a cleaning lady
I can’t do time…

Robert Blake and OJ SIMPSON
They both get off scott free

I drive without a license
They throw the book right at me
It sucks to the highest degree

Ha ahh, Ha ahhh,

I went ape, on a sex tape
The guys all went ga-ga

Now I, must make, my jail escape
I miss my Chihuahua

My friend Nicole drove down that freeway the wrong way
She’ll probably get parole and float away
Because she weighs, Zeroooooo

Even though I got the glamour

Even though my clothes are fab
They throw me in the slammer
Britney gets re-hab!

They put me in the big house
Sounds like a movie pitch
Heiress goes up the river
Ends up as somebody’s bitch

They can’t do this to me, I’m rich

Ha ahh, Ha ahhh,
And now I am digging a ditch…
Ha ahh, Ha ahhh,
My roomate’s a woman named Mitch!

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