Happy 50th Merdeka Malaysia!

Tonight will be the night where Malaysians celebrate 50 years of independence. There will be fireworks, parade and many more at the city. Most likely I will be able to get a view of what’s going on at the struck of midnight as I will be at the Pudu bus station. My bus to Singapore leaves at exactly 12am, August 31st. Continue reading

Msn virus Part 2

And the saga continues…

Hmm.. don’t remember taking any pictures with you…

DEJA VU! Notice he used the exact same words both times?

You could have just given me the link instead of downloading the picture, zipping it up and sending it to me.

No comment.

So as you can see, this virus is pretty determined. Using different styles to tempt you each time. Nah, words can’t do much to me. Not unless you’re Jenna Fischer in Blades of Glory:

Which will no doubt result in…

No wonder actors love their jobs :D

I just receive confirmation that my KD in Utopia has won the war! yay!! Continue reading

Msn virus

MSN users, beware of a virus that’s spreading around. Trust no one, not even your friends. Because this virus just might come from someone you least expected. Here’s how I “almost” go infected with this virus.

The virus sends itself and tempts you to accept the transfer.

Being curious, I began the transfer.

It was a zip file so I opened it up and there wasn’t a picture in it. Instead, there was a very suspicious file inside. How convenient, using “photoalbum.com” to set the “.com” file extension. To really make sure it wasn’t a picture, we look at the file’s content.

There you have it. It’s an executable file. All executable files start with “MZ”

This should be the next recommended step to take.

The virus doesn’t give up easily though…

Wow, your vacation pictures are just 84kb? This picture is already 30kb. Don’t tell me you just took one picture for the whole of your vacation? I’ll pass.

Now I would have given in if a girl sent me this. But from a guy? No thanks :P

So everyone who’s using MSN, becareful. And if you’re free, ask your friends if you’re sending them funny zip files. If you are, then you’re infected. Stop using msn and go out and have a life. Or you can seek help online. Continue reading

Injury Leave

These past 2 days felt like weeks. I’ve never had such a long holiday for so long. I had to take 2 days medical leave after I injured my toe in a futsal match. So Thursday and Friday was off for me. And that makes this weekend a 4 day weekend. And next week is going to be a 4 day week because of Merdeka. Singapore here I come! Anyone at Singapore reading this?

Picture evidence. Doesn’t look that bad. It’s actually not that bad either.

The lack of post is also due to the development of duckmob’s new video page. Check it out here! This video page features relevant phone videos for users to watch. The whole thing was written from scratch so it took almost 5 days to finish everything. The most elusive bug was the passing of strings to functions without proper escape characters. That problem took me the longest to figure out.

Can anyone tell me how this guy bends light? True to my last post, youtube has removed this video due to some random reason. Here’s another one:

ps: Oh ya, there’s now more reason to travel back to Kuching more often. Return ticket now costs RM97, down from the usual RM112. Man, I love my job :P Continue reading