Of pixels and youtube

For those of you who know me very very well, you’ll know that I’m a perfectionist. I like things to be perfect. I’ll go the extra mile to make myself completely satisfied even if it involves a lot of work. I’m obsessed with perfecting things, and the only way I can stop doing that is by making something so perfect to the point where it cannot be improved anymore.

The difference between a 2pixel gap and a 4 pixel gap.

I was going through the compatibility testing for duckmob.com using different browsers (IE7 and FF) and I noticed that when using IE7, instead of showing a 2 pixel gap between two table elements, IE was showing a 4 pixel gap. I spent almost 2 hours looking through the code and finally I found out that IE7 does not respect the “!important” css tag anymore. The solution was to use the conditional comments.

Right… now everything’s copyrighted.

I was on youtube searching for the video showing how Man U lost to Man C. The search turned up a lot of relevant results but I wasn’t able to watch any of them because NetResult claimed copyright to most of them first.

I know this is copyright but what’s wrong with letting people watch those past matches? It’s not like you’re going to earn more money by claiming copyright to these videos. If someone posted a whole movie on youtube, then go ahead, sue him/take the video down/send him a letter. Honestly, youtube USED to be the only site to find all the videos that you’ll ever need. Now copyright is taking it all away. Continue reading


You have not explored the wonders of PHP if you have never used cURL before. cURL stands for client URL and cURL basically helps you “visit” a URL in PHP. It’s like a browser that fetches webpages. There are many things that you can use cURL for. For example, you can write a script that helps you login into Utopia, train your army, cast some protection spells, and logout, all done without any human interaction. But of course, that would be cheating.

cURL can be used with a proxy server as well so it can help you mask your identity when visiting questionable sites. cURL can be used to search/fetch youtube videos using youtube’s API. It can fetch your webmail contacts if you provide it with your username and password. Its usage is limitless. I can’t believe I didn’t get know cURL before this.

For more information on cURL, go here. Continue reading

Mountain Biking

I decided to take the weekend off work (duckmob.com) and go mountain biking. We have the rubber research institute near our place which is perfect for mountain biking. It’s a rubber plantation so you’re surrounded by rubber trees which provide protection not only from the sun, but also from unwanted pregnancies.

One of the uphills.

Anyways, it’s a 13km stretch of road which consists of uphills and downhills. It’s very very extreme for first-timers and it’s very very very tiring. I would not recommend going there if you have not exercised recently. The roads are tough and most of the roads are dirt roads with foot long grass.

Alvin posing for a shot.

Not much pictures here because I was too busy catching my breath and avoiding all those rocks on the ground. When you’re cycling through a path littered by rocks and death is mere inches away (steep valley), you tend to concentrate on cycling. Thanks to the suspension of the bike, most of the rough terrain is bearable. But the bike still bounces around when you hit rocks and sometimes you feel as if you’re off the ground and sliding. And some slopes are so high that you just spin your tyre as you try to pedal up.

Sometimes the bike carry you, but sometimes you carry the bike.

The best part about going uphill is going downhill after that. Using a pedometer, Tan managed to reach 60KMH without killing himself while downhill. I probably went about 30KMH only.

The very top. From here you can see Kota Damansara.

Mountain biking is fun but it’s really tiring. Need to build more stamina first. I went on Friday evening right after work and again on Saturday morning.

So when are we cycling to Damai? :D Continue reading

Streamyx 1Mbps

No one should be stuck with 512mbps nowadays. This picture is enough to convince you to switch ;)

Downloading at midnight.

I am not getting paid by TM to say this. But for an extra RM22, you can double your speed. And since I’m sharing with 3 other housemates, it’s an increase of about RM5.50 per month which is rather affordable. Go switch today! Continue reading