Fay suggested I play this game to kill my boredom. To prevent further waste of manhours (or womanhours if you’re a girl), I’ll show you the endgame screen so you won’t need to play to find out:

50 levels of insane balloon popping and this?!

Here’s the game if you still want to play:

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The Friendster Social Experiment Part 2

Have been very busy for the past week because of exams and real life obligations. Since I got nothing much to write and no camera to take pictures (camera went on holiday to UK), I’ll post a bit of updates on the Friendster experiment.

My profile views have jumped another 5k.

And I’m now officially popular on Friendster! I feel so overdressed and “under-posed”.

I’m still constantly receiving friend requests but I’ve lost count since I deleted all of those mails.

So as a conclusion, you can be popular by writing a piece of software. Continue reading