Simple Portable Guitar Amp

Nowadays, people are under the impression that bigger is better. We have big screen tvs (100″ plasma), big planes (A380), big buildings, big storage space (1TB hardisks now available). We need to sometimes get away from all those and think small. That’s why I’m showing you how you can build your own small guitar amp on a very small budget (Less than RM10). I got the plans from

Just use any led here. For mine, I used a luxeon star because it lets more current through before heating up.

See, very simple.

Plug in a guitar and you’re ready for some heavy distortion.

I would recommend using 2 9v batteries to reduce noise. But 1 would work fine also. Using a breadboard greatly simplifies the task of building this. But if you want something portable, I’m sure you can squeeze this into a small box. Use earphones if you want to play loud in the middle of the night. Continue reading