Hamilton DIDN'T WIN!

So much for a rookie win this season. Raikkonen is 2007 World Champion with Hamilton coming in 2nd. The race just finished. Will do a more detailed update tomorrow. Need to get some sleep for work tomorrow.

To be updated…

UPDATE: 23 October.

Was supposed to update this yesterday but I forgot. So I guess you’ve read about it in the news already and I don’t need to tell you how disappointing the race was. I know I’m not Hamilton, but I can feel his pain. Once in a lifetime chance to be a rookie champion.

Anyways, work has been little. Not much work at this time of the year. Landing gear change on our 777 aircraft 9M-MRB. All 3 landing gears will be replaced with new ones. Pictures may be available soon.

Was reading damninteresting.com when I came across this pretty interesting article: How bacteria nearly destroyed all life. Next time aliens might be reading: How humans destroyed all life.

Just finished watching the movie Superbad. I don’t suppose I’ve seen a more vulgar film. But it’s one of the best teen comedies out there now. Watch and it might remind you of your teenage days.

So anyone planning a damai trip this year end? Continue reading