Oktoberfest One Utama

What can you do with two 50 cent coins these days? You can’t buy a can of drink from the vending machine. You probably can’t pay your parking with it. And keeping 50 cent coins in your wallet is like carrying around dead weight. So we decided to put it to good use.

2 50 cent coins can’t buy you anything nowadays. Except…

Oktoberfest is actually a festival celebrated in Germany. It lasts for 16 days, starting from late September till early October. It’s a festival where everyone drinks beer. Somehow, this festival has reached our shores and I’m surprised that they allow such a public event considering the fact that a majority of Malaysians are Muslims.

Oktoberfest at One Utama.

Anyways, someone decided that it’s a good idea to give out RM1 beers. The catch is, you have to pay using 2 50 cent coins. Since we had a lot of 50 cent coins lying around, we decided to get some cheap beers there.

Some of us lining up to get our beers. Left to right: Woon, Tan, Shih, old man 1, old man 2, Alvin.

It was limited to 1000 beers per day. Between the 6 of us, we managed to get 14 beers. I took two. The queue was incredible. You have to finish your bottle before you can queue up to get another beer.

300 people queuing up maybe?

Now that’s a lot of beers.

After getting our beers we sat down to enjoy the atmosphere and the food and the beer.

Some sort of ham…

That’s us. No, none of us are wasted.

Consumed bottles.

Large instrument. Wonder how they got it shipped here.

There’s a live band playing but they’re not in this picture. They should be from Germany because they don’t look local.

And on that day itself, the WGT (World Gamemaster Tournament) was going on at One Utama. They have games like CS, Warcraft3, Fifa, NFS Carbon. Saw a round of CS and they were incredible, using every trick in the book (shooting thru walls included) to win.

Two players battling each other out on on Warcraft3 on the big screen.

Computers built by C-Zone, each featuring a 22″ lcd screen. There’s at least RM250k worth of equipment there.

Hot ambassadors from Western Digital.

Went to watch Bourne Ultimatum at TGV at One Utama at night. Very interesting storyline, packed full of action from the start till the end. Unfortunately, it was as real as Die Hard. The main character is immune to all damage, including bombs, car crashes, bullets, punches. Good movie overall. You get to see what actually happened in the beginning if you have been following the trilogy.

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