Simple Portable Guitar Amp

Nowadays, people are under the impression that bigger is better. We have big screen tvs (100″ plasma), big planes (A380), big buildings, big storage space (1TB hardisks now available). We need to sometimes get away from all those and think small. That’s why I’m showing you how you can build your own small guitar amp on a very small budget (Less than RM10). I got the plans from

Just use any led here. For mine, I used a luxeon star because it lets more current through before heating up.

See, very simple.

Plug in a guitar and you’re ready for some heavy distortion.

I would recommend using 2 9v batteries to reduce noise. But 1 would work fine also. Using a breadboard greatly simplifies the task of building this. But if you want something portable, I’m sure you can squeeze this into a small box. Use earphones if you want to play loud in the middle of the night. Continue reading

Bigger Things

Having insomnia now. Slept too much during the Raya holidays. Hopefully this blog post will get rid of what’s on my mind right now and let me have enough rest so I can wake up at 6:30am for work later.

Here is an interesting flash presentation on black holes.

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After looking at that, I marvel at the ingenuity of the scientists behind the discovery of black holes. I’m amazed at their research on something that none of us have ever seen or experience before. No one has seen a black hole. They can only seen the effects of one on its surroundings (like bending light). And yet they can discover so much about it. Although all those theories can only be proven after they have really visited a black hole.

Now imagine that black holes really exist. If what they predict is true (the one about time travel, not the one being crushed to death), the usage of a black hole is tremendous. Imagine we can bring back technology from the future. And with this future technology, we can further develop more advanced technology so that future future technology will be better. And this becomes a paradox because if the future future technology is more advanced, then the technology that we brought back from the future would have been more advanced than the developed future technology in our current time. I’ll just stop here. It’s getting confusing. But if you get my point then you’ll know what I mean.

So you see, black holes are indeed mysterious. So is our universe. Isn’t it amazing how one big bang can create all these? Yes, including the monitor you’re staring at now. Can you believe how small we are? We’re just sitting on our computers, reading blogs off the internet when there are bigger things out there that we tend to overlook.

People busy themselves with work, paying taxes, buying groceries, going shopping, having a holiday in Hawaii, dating in the cinema, getting stuck in jams, dying of pollution. What are we working towards actually? Retirement?

Sometimes I really wonder: what are we here for? Because the Earth is only a very small place in the universe. Continue reading

Internal Combustion Engine Video

I thought I’ll never see this ever. Imagine looking at the process that runs all the cars on the face of the earth. We know how it works, but I don’t think any of us has seen it happen. Notice the spark right before the piston hits Top Dead Center. Coolest thing I’ve seen whole day. Even cooler than Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Continue reading

A normal blog post

Haven’t had time to really sit down and write a good long normal blog post for sometime now. The definition of a normal blog post is a post that makes a blog sound like a blog. That means random rants, personal stuff, events related to me, feelings and bitchings. Those are the crucial ingredients that make a blog a blog. Else it’ll be a website telling you news or projects or important information.

Nuts that will make you nuts if you can eat all of them at one go.

Come to think about it, this blog has evolved from a personal blog to a blog that’s not so personal anymore. Gone were the days when I didn’t use any punctuations or any proper spelling. Actually that’s good because I can still maintain my English proficiency level after I leave school. Spelling however is not my strong point anymore, that’s why I rely on Firefox’s spell checker.

More nuts.

I never really like to rely on fancy technology. It makes me feel uneasy trusting a piece of software made entirely out of electrical signals to help me do something. For instance, I don’t like to use those WYSIWYG editors. When my friend ask me how to build a website, I told him to use notepad. Now he’s using Macromedia Dreamweaver or something.

Chocolate liquor. My brother brought this back from UK. The chocolates are shaped like bottles of liquor. They have a Jack Daniels too.

Today is a freaking hot day. I’m now blogging from my living room because my room is too stuffy and not productive at all. Now the weather’s starting to turn cloudy and it should rain in the evening. Hope my clothes dry by then.

Packed full of food from UK.

Tomorrow is Hari Raya. But the raya mood has hit my place since Wednesday. I’m on leave from today till next Tuesday. When I go to work there is no jam at all. When I come back from work, there is no jam at all. Work has also been very slow because of the raya mood. But we managed to depart the plane ahead of schedule. It was the 9M-MRD, or the blue plane with the Freedom Of Space livery. The last thing I did on that plane was to engrave the modification numbers on the 4 thrust reversers with an engraving tool. It looks like a tattoo artist’s pen and it makes marks on steel plates.

Someone chained this dog to a pipe under the hot afternoon sun. After taking this picture, I went downstairs with the intention of bringing it into our car porch. When I reached the bottom of the stairs, someone came and took the dog away.

I think my Bloon addiction is subsiding. Unless they come up with a more challenging Bloon tower defence, there’s no point playing it over and over again. But if you’re a bloon addict and don’t want to go online everytime you want to play bloon, download the flash file to your computer. Just right-click here and save it down: TD.swf. To run, drag it into firefox or ie.

This will be the end of my post for today. To our Muslim friends, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. And drive safely when you balik kampung! Continue reading

First Malaysian Launched into Space!

Today is indeed a historical day for us Malaysians. After gaining independence for only 50 years, we have successfully sent a man into space. 10/10/07 21:21:00. Remember the date and time well. After this, there may be many more Malaysians going to space.

Angkasawan Malaysia

Not content with watching the event live on TV, we went to the event itself. It was held at KLCC (the convention center) and it was supposed to be a non-public event. A security guard stopped us from proceeding further. But little did he know that there were other doors that we could use to get in.

One of the large screens at the corridor.

It was a dinner event held at Exhibition Hall 1 and 2 at the KLCC convention center. Few important people were there. Our Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his wife, our deputy prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and Deputy Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Kong Cho Ha were there.

Indeed, gatecrashing a dinner event.

Huge dinner.

Your live telecast is brought to you by these people.

And these too.

Our prime minister receiving a new iPod (video I assume, or maybe the touch if he’s really lucky) containing videos related to this programme.

More pictures of the event.

Here are some videos of the event:

KLCC with a black band up the right tower.

We went there using this. GPS.

So be proud to be Malaysian. We’re the 39th country in this world to send a man to space. Continue reading