Taking a break

You never really appreciate holidays until you are working. When you are in school holidays is something that is routine. You have tons of holidays throughout the year. When you are working you are given leave which you can take anytime you like. That may sound like a wonderful idea but then you realise that you cannot take a month off to meet up with your friends who will be coming back for their year end holidays.

Doing a job that you like might not drive you crazy but you still need to take a break once in a while. So this coming weekend I’ll be flying over to hk for a short holiday. I will be entering China as well. If any of you know what’s fun to do in HK or China do let me know. After the China trip I’ll be going to Cameron Highlands with my college friends. And hopefully sometime near Christmas I’ll be able to catch a flight back to Kuching to meet up with you guys.

Work has been very interesting. I’m on the Airbus A330 now so almost everything is new to me. There’s a thing between Boeing and Airbus. They must be different from each other. If one of them have the blackbox on the top, the other must have it near the bottom. Boeing has left, center and right hydraulic system. Airbus had green, blue and yellow systems. Boeing uses a control column with cables while the Airbus uses a joystick with full fly-by-wire system. So there is a little to get used to. Overall I think that the Airbus is easier to work on. Maybe it’s because I’ve done too many Boeing HMVs.

Today has been a very “door” day. Did door gust-lock inspection, slide raft auto-disarm system check and also door latches and bearing inspection. The gust-lock system is to prevent the door from slamming shut while it is open. The slide raft auto disarm is to prevent the slide raft from deploying if the door is opened from the outside. And the latches and bearings prevent the door from flying out during flight. There are 8 doors on an Airbus A330.

When I get back from my holiday I should be back in time for the last two week of the check. And then 3weeks more I be back in Kuching for a short time. Anyone going Damai this year?

Just for the record, this entire post was typed out on an iPhone. The keyboard isn’t that hard to use. Continue reading