Blogger's block

Ran out of ideas to put here so here’s a recap of what happened over the last few days. Have been working on an iPhone that has been bricked straight out of the box. Nothing much can be done except to send it back to US to get it replaced. Since we haven’t done any cracking to it, it should still be covered under warranty.

What’s worse than having a bricked iPhone? Having two bricked iPhones. Actually the one on the right was just pretending.

Went to Nick’s place on Wednesday night to try and unbrick the phone using a Mac. No luck. Instead, I gave Leopard to Tim so he can kick the Mac club president out of his position. I’m still waiting for the PC version of the Leopard which will hopefully be cracked and burned on a DVD soon.

Work has been very routine. Pretty easy to work on an Airbus compared to a Boeing. Most screws in the aft cargo are just dzus fasteners so they are very easy to open. Well, that’s about all for now. My next post will be on http-tunneling. Continue reading

Captcha Hacking

I’m sure you have encountered captcha’s during your frequent surfing on the web. Captcha stands for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”. It’s to prevent automated bots from entering huge amounts of bogus data or requests. In the past, OCR (optical character recognition) software have been used to crack captchas. But now, hackers have come up with another way to solve captchas.

From top to bottom: Yahoo! mail, Hotmail, Gmail.

Quote from wikipedia: “In October 2007, a piece of malware appeared in the wild which enticed users to solve CAPTCHAs in order to see progressively further into a series of “striptease” images.” The full story can be found here.

So hackers get their captchas and you get to see someone strip for you. Isn’t that a win-win situation? Whatever will they come up with next. Continue reading

iTunes on the iPhone

I know, I’ve been ranting on and on about the iPhone for the last 5 posts. Please bear with me until I’ve discovered everything I need to know about the iPhone or until I brick it so badly that it cannot be recovered.

All glass surface. Apple sure knows how to come up with really nice designs.

Today we shall look at iTunes. Everyone knows what iTunes is but I think it’s something that we don’t use. I’ll prefer Limewire anyday. Anyways, since there’s no Limewire on the iPhone, iTunes is the next best thing. Everything is explained in the video below:

You have in your pocket all the song previews you’ll ever need. Continue reading

Bricking the iPhone

The word “bricking” has been thrown around a lot in the iPhone hacking scene. Bricking basically means turning the RM2k phone into an expensive paperweight (hey, the iPhone is heavy!). You can’t do anything. It’s even worse than Window’s BSOD (blue screen of death). You can’t return it because you’ve voided your warranty by unlocking it which resulted in the bricking.

You don’t want to see this for more than 1 minute. If you do, you’ll be dead.

So I bricked my iPhone last night. But I managed to unbrick it by restoring the firmware. So if you see the above screen for too long and your iPhone doesn’t start up, do this (I can only confirm that this works for phones with firmware 1.1.1):

  1. Calm down and relax. Watching Ocean’s 11 and Ocean’s 12 back to back helps.
  2. Download this file: iPhone1,1_1.1.1_3A109a_Restore.ipsw
  3. Put your iPhone into its cradle and connect the USB port to your computer. iTunes should detect it. Now comes the hard part.

  4. Hold down SHIFT key and press the “Restore” button.

  5. A dialog box will pop up for you to select the firmware that you want to use to restore the iPhone with. Select the file that you have just downloaded in step 2.
  6. Wait for the restore to complete. After it is done, head over to to do the unlocking again.
  7. Play with your iPhone and try not to brick it again. If you do, go back to step 1.

This is what you can do with iPhone’s built-in accelerometer:

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