Back in KL

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. Have been very lazy in Kuching. Just took a flight back to KL and here I am. Wish it would rain because it’s freaking hot today. And I’m getting the bug that’s been going around in Kuching. Expecting a full fledged sore throat in 2 days.

Old computer parts.

While I was back in Kuching, I had to part with my beloved collection of computer parts. The oldest system I have is a 286 with a black and white monitor. But since it is taking up too much space at home, I had to throw them all away. The garbage truck won’t accept it and it needs to be recycled. So I sent it to a nearby recycling center.

“Komputer baru tukar lama…” (From the “tilam lama tukar baru” truck that always frequents my area.)

This is located near the blind center at Kenny Hill.

There are some working Pentium motherboards there if you are interested.

It’s good to take a break once in a while and be with friends to talk about the good old days of secondary school. Maybe someday someone will invent a “time preview” machine so you can go back in time to preview it. One movie featured it. I can’t remember which movie.

The end is near. 2007 will be over in 5 hours. Continue reading