Internet Party: When Google's parents leave town

Very creative presentation of the various sites out there. Featured sites in order of appearance:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I never knew Google was a girl. Continue reading

Tailpipe Burger Cooker

With global warming coming up and the oil price increasing, we must strive to make good use of all the resources that are given to us. Your car’s engine is only 25% efficient. That means 75% of the energy in your petrol get wasted as heat. That’s a lot of heat if you ask me. The inventor of the following device feels the same. Introducing the Tailpipe Burger Cooker:

One well done beef patty, courtesy of your hot exhaust gas.

Note that the exhaust gases don’t come in contact with the meat.

Designed by an Iranian team, this is really handy for people who travel a lot. Hungry? Just stop by the roadside, pop in a patty and drive for a few miles. Mileage needed to fully cook the meat may vary. If you’re driving a flame spitting Toyota Supra, you better make sure you don’t leave it there for too long. Continue reading