Captcha in Comments

Due to some spamming in the comments lately, I’ve decided to put up a Captcha system to determine who’s the bot and who’s not. I modified it from Jcap by Archreality. It’s not a really fool proof system because someone can be sitting behind a computer and spam, but at least it makes sure that it’s a human wasting his time.

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Hectic Week

Exam just over so this weekend will be relaxing over a good movie. I can’t say the essay part of the exam was extremely easy, but it was doable. The objective paper was a joke. Except for one question when I screwed up the horsepower calculation because I was rushing to finish first.

Too bad none of them belonged to me.

I was planning to go back Kuching this weekend to make up for my absence during the Chinese New Year but turns out I have to postpone that trip to next week due to some problem with my Streamyx that I need to settle this weekend. I would say TM really has improved on their customer service. I called them and they came the next day to check the connection outside my house. Now I suspect it’s the modem’s problem because I tried it with another modem and the line works.

Fogging to reduce denggi cases.

You can do everything with Facebook nowadays. Including landing yourself in jail. Facebook impersonator faces jail, via TheAge. So whatever you do, don’t pretend to be someone you’re not.

Not many people can beat me when it comes to sleeping. I slept from about 7:30pm till 6:30am yesterday. Paying back my sleep debts. Had a strange dream last night. I was in the future. The world looked barren and broken. Maybe I’ve watched too much of Terminator: Sarah Corner’s Chronicles series. And at MAS, there’s a new rocket engineering department that services space shuttles. Maybe it’s a sign of things to come. When I walked over the overhead bridge to Complex A, it was on the verge of collapsing so I had to use a new one. Interestingly, the current one was built using concrete whereas the one I tried to cross in my dream was constructed out of metal tubings. That was all I could remember.

On hacking news, there are two new threats to our world. The Cult of the Dead Cow, a famous hacking community has released a vulnerability scanner based around Google’s search engine. It’s called the Goolag scanner and it can be readily downloaded from their site. Quote from their spokesperson, “I’d be downloading this beast and aiming it at my site yesterday.” Thank god I did just that yesterday.

Hackers have also found a cool way (no pun intended) to defeat encryption on computers: freeze the memory, literally. It was discovered that frozen memory (-196°C) can retain their data for several hours, compared to just seconds if left at normal temperature after power is switched off. I’m watching out for people selling ram warmers from on. Continue reading

More Pictures from Flying Day

Here are some pictures that I stole from Malaysian Wings forum members. With credits of course.

Strange signs on the tarmac area. Photo by Azuan.

Briefing before flight. I think he was telling us the time when a midair swap went wrong and resulted in a dead engine. Photo by Chong H V.

See why the group photo session took so long? Photo by Chong H V.

Single disk brake assembly. Cessna is light, not much stopping power is needed. Photo by Chong H V.

Taking up skirt shots of the Cessna. Photo by Chong H V.

Breakfast at T3. Photo by Irni aka class monitor.

This one here is to remind me to “wallap” Jerry when I see him later. For the record, that never happened. Photo by Jerry.

Fish eye in front of Subang Flying Club. Photo by TK.

Even before flying we knew this was going to be good. Photo by TK.

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I’m having a blogger’s block. I try to write but nothing comes out.

Been having classes for the past one week. Basic stuff so it’s pretty easy. Been spending some time tidying up the room so if you come and visit me now you’ll think I’m a normal person.

I slept at 12 last night and woke up really fresh in the morning. The idea is to make yourself so tired to the point when you can’t really keep your eyes open. Then sleep. If you drag yourself past that point, you’ll feel wide awake and you’ll have trouble sleeping. So the trick is to find that point of transition and sleep just before you reach that point.

My computer has been infected by this annoying virus called Worm.Viking. It spreads through the local area network. Now my executables are being turned into zombies, running the virus everytime I launch the infected program. It’s annoying because AVG detects it everytime and tries to clean it, causing the program to shut down. I’m seriously considering switching to another OS if XP wasn’t so damn good.

My brother just moved to Sunway. His apartment has a great view over Sunway Lagoon. Anyone with telephoto lens?

I’m buying pets in Facebook for profit. The secret is buying someone who’s hot in demand, like a hot girl or a guy. So after you buy them, someone else will buy them back at a higher price. Then you get a bit of profit. Not much, but I’m saving up to buy someone. Facebook really kills your social life.

I bought 2 256MB DDR ram for an old computer today. Costs me RM90 including delivery to MAS. Compare this to RM65 for 1GB of DDR2 ram. Old computers are more expensive to upgrade.

Will try to grab more pictures from Malaysian Wings forum but I need to sort out the credits for the pictures first.

Here’s a question for you chemists out there: water to acid or acid to water? I’ve gotten 2 different answers with 2 different but very convincing explanations.

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