I’m having a blogger’s block. I try to write but nothing comes out.

Been having classes for the past one week. Basic stuff so it’s pretty easy. Been spending some time tidying up the room so if you come and visit me now you’ll think I’m a normal person.

I slept at 12 last night and woke up really fresh in the morning. The idea is to make yourself so tired to the point when you can’t really keep your eyes open. Then sleep. If you drag yourself past that point, you’ll feel wide awake and you’ll have trouble sleeping. So the trick is to find that point of transition and sleep just before you reach that point.

My computer has been infected by this annoying virus called Worm.Viking. It spreads through the local area network. Now my executables are being turned into zombies, running the virus everytime I launch the infected program. It’s annoying because AVG detects it everytime and tries to clean it, causing the program to shut down. I’m seriously considering switching to another OS if XP wasn’t so damn good.

My brother just moved to Sunway. His apartment has a great view over Sunway Lagoon. Anyone with telephoto lens?

I’m buying pets in Facebook for profit. The secret is buying someone who’s hot in demand, like a hot girl or a guy. So after you buy them, someone else will buy them back at a higher price. Then you get a bit of profit. Not much, but I’m saving up to buy someone. Facebook really kills your social life.

I bought 2 256MB DDR ram for an old computer today. Costs me RM90 including delivery to MAS. Compare this to RM65 for 1GB of DDR2 ram. Old computers are more expensive to upgrade.

Will try to grab more pictures from Malaysian Wings forum but I need to sort out the credits for the pictures first.

Here’s a question for you chemists out there: water to acid or acid to water? I’ve gotten 2 different answers with 2 different but very convincing explanations.

That’s all for today. Check back soon! Continue reading