More Pictures from Flying Day

Here are some pictures that I stole from Malaysian Wings forum members. With credits of course.

Strange signs on the tarmac area. Photo by Azuan.

Briefing before flight. I think he was telling us the time when a midair swap went wrong and resulted in a dead engine. Photo by Chong H V.

See why the group photo session took so long? Photo by Chong H V.

Single disk brake assembly. Cessna is light, not much stopping power is needed. Photo by Chong H V.

Taking up skirt shots of the Cessna. Photo by Chong H V.

Breakfast at T3. Photo by Irni aka class monitor.

This one here is to remind me to “wallap” Jerry when I see him later. For the record, that never happened. Photo by Jerry.

Fish eye in front of Subang Flying Club. Photo by TK.

Even before flying we knew this was going to be good. Photo by TK.

As more photos are posted, I will add them here. Continue reading