Sepang F1 2008

For the third year in a row, I’m at Sepang F1 Circuit to watch the teams race their cars around the track thanks to Inti University College Nilai. I wonder if they notice their phantom students. This year however, we decided to take the bus and save us RM50 parking and getting stuck in jams. Feeder buses are available both at KLIA and the Nilai KTM station. Fare is RM2.50 one way.

Feeder bus straight from Nilai KTM station.

If you’re going to Sepang to watch F1 in 2009, I recommend you park your car at the Nilai KTM station for free and then take the RM2.50 bus to Sepang. You’ll save RM50 on parking fees. And it helps relieve the traffic congestion as well. Imagine 50 less cars per bus load of people. 10 buses and you’ll have 500 less cars. 100 buses and you’ll reduce 5000 cars going to Sepang.

To get around the Sepang circuit, use this free feeder buses that they provide. It brings you to the different gates.

I borrowed this map so I can take a picture of it so we’ll be able to find our way. They should provide maps to everyone.

We got K1 seats this year. Pretty interesting because this is the first corner after the starting grid and the 320kmh straight. Was expecting accidents to happen here but there was none. Just smoking tyres all throughout the race.

K1 stands. Luckily it’s covered.

Students enter through here. Just check your name with the list.

One of the things I hate about the organizers of F1 is that they BAN outside food and drinks. You have to leave your drinks with the gate keeper. Refer to the picture above. You see the bottles on her table? It’s not because she’s very thirsty, but it’s because she has to confiscate all the water bottles from people going in. I don’t mind buying RM2 bottles of mineral water, but they’re selling at RM4!

After 2 years of getting water confiscated, this year I decided to wise up. I brought a bag with a separate compartment and I put a water bottle and a McD double cheese burger in it. Then I had a large 1.5 liter bottle as sacrifice. So when we got to the gate keeper, she asked us to leave all the bottles there. We put the 1.5 liter bottle there and went in. This F1 race, I went home full and hydrated.

RM50 per car. Do the counting. Oh, and there are about 25 of these “car parks” of varying sizes at Sepang. Include that in your calculation.

Many people were wearing red. In front of us were a group of drunk Ferrari Fans.

Panoramic view of the circuit. Click for bigger version.

Smoking tyres.

This corner saw many overtakings.

But I didn’t manage to get shots of any. Maybe a DSLR with 1000mm zoom lens would help.

This car just screams attention. Ferrari F430.

Road tax is just RM8016 per year.

A bus load of buses!

Can anyone guess what this guy is doing on this taxi? Answers in shoutbox. Winner will get a week long mention on my site :D (Tzy Shih not allowed to enter)

Beautiful sunset. If you look carefully, you can see a Cessna flying in the background.

Overall, I think that this was the best year ever at Sepang. Traffic was not too bad, and for the 1st time here in Sepang, drivers are using engines with a standard ECU designed by McLaren and Microsoft. Thankfully no BSOD today. But there were a few incidents where loss of traction was observed. Especially when they power out of a turn. You can see the car’s rear sliding. View at K1 was also a good change because it was not the F stand anymore. However, the F stand offers up to 60% of track view. Hmm…

By the way, Raikkonen won the race. Full coverage of the race here. Till next year, drive safely! Continue reading