After watching some high powered coilgun videos, I’m seriously considering reviving my coilgun project. At the peak of its development, it can easily punch through 3 cans. Making it portable would be too dangerous indeed.

Powered by 80+ flash capacitors and running at 960v, this bank can kill you if you touch it.

One of the best investments on this gun is the SCR, rated at 1200V and capable of withstanding 1990A of surge current for 10ms. I used to use relays to fire the gun until I ran out of relay because every firing caused the relay contacts to weld together.

For bullets, I used nails with diameter of 5mm, perfectly capable of puncturing through almost anything organic. It was insanely powerful and fun. But the lack of a proper platform caused this project to be shelved. Development stopped after I left Form 5.

Here are videos of other people’s coilguns.

Will post up some videos this weekend if I get around to revive it. Continue reading

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