Pangkor Trip

This will be the placeholder for the Pangkor trip post. Will be leaving in 2 hours time and expect to arrive back in KL on Friday evening.

I’ll be bringing along a Dicapac underwater case for my camera so expect some underwater shots.

For the time being, take a swim with the fishes in Marks aquarium.

Update: I’ve decided to use a new post for the Pangkor trip instead of adding on to this one. Post can be found here. Continue reading

Boy Jumping off First Floor

This is what happens when kids watch Superman and try to be like them. This video was taken by my instructor Mr Suhaimi who witnessed this at the school behind his house. The kid managed to get onto the first floor ledge because some window panes were missing. The kid then threw his bag down, and ran and jumped off the first floor. He was on the ground for 2 minutes before he managed to limp off.

Parents should monitor their kids’ activity. What if he had tried to jump from the 5th floor instead? Or the education ministry should introduce physics early into the syllabus. Kids should learn how to calculate the impulse force so they can come to the conclusion themselves that they are highly unlikely to survive a plunge from the 5th floor. Continue reading

Mamee Toy

Have you ever realize that the older you get, the more you want to be like a kid again? And companies manufacturing junk food are not helping much by including toys in their junk food. Take this Mamee Monster toy for example.

The original form before construction.

It’s so simple that a 5 year old can build it. But yet it baffled someone who’s working in the aviation industry who threw away the wrapper containing the instructions. Though the toy serve very little purpose, even as a toy because it was too fragile, it proved to be an interesting subject nevertheless.

Pieces removed from template.

Completed toy.

When you move this toy around, the crankshaft connected to the “basketball” wheels will cause the Mamee Monster tab to wave around. There are connectors in front and behind the toy so they can be linked together like a train.

Front “wheels”.


Hook to connect to another similar toy.

How big do you think this toy is?

Not very big. Continue reading

Optical Zoom on an Ixus 55

In an previous article, I featured the CHDK (Canon Hacker’s Development Kit). One of the tweaks enables the optical zoom when recording videos. This means better zooming because previously without the hack, you can only do digital zooms when recording videos.

Turns out, the optical zoom was not a very welcoming feature when recording videos. Watch the video below, recorded when using optical zoom, and you’ll realize why.

Turn up your speakers if you’re still confused.

The zoom motor makes such a loud noise that you’ll think you’re watching Arnold zooming in on his targets using his robotic eye in Terminator 2. The designers must have taken this into consideration when building this camera. No one wants such an awful noise when zooming, so disabling it was a clear option.

Come to think about it, this feature would be really handy for the directors of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. They can skip dubbing in those motor sounds for Summer Glau. Continue reading

SPAM Be Gone!

So far I’ve been fighting a loosing battle against SPAM on my post comments. Everyday I get about 10 spam comments and I have to manually delete them because it will screw up the “Latest Comments” block. I’ve put up the “Latest Comments” block so I can easily keep track of the comments coming in and also for readers to read the latest comments. So spammers decided that by spamming the comments, they get to advertise their sites for free. If they spam 10000 sites per day and get only one click from each site, they would have gotten 10k of free traffic per day. Not bad eh? So don’t support them by clicking on their links.

But today, I can quite confidently say that I have finally managed to find a way to stop these spammers. I’ve implemented some magic on the comments so that only legitimate users will be able to post comments. Don’t worry, it doesn’t require you to do anything. It works silently. We’ll see how effective this system is at preventing spam.

And I’ve included TinyMCE so comments can now have some simple formatting. Continue reading