SPAM Be Gone!

So far I’ve been fighting a loosing battle against SPAM on my post comments. Everyday I get about 10 spam comments and I have to manually delete them because it will screw up the “Latest Comments” block. I’ve put up the “Latest Comments” block so I can easily keep track of the comments coming in and also for readers to read the latest comments. So spammers decided that by spamming the comments, they get to advertise their sites for free. If they spam 10000 sites per day and get only one click from each site, they would have gotten 10k of free traffic per day. Not bad eh? So don’t support them by clicking on their links.

But today, I can quite confidently say that I have finally managed to find a way to stop these spammers. I’ve implemented some magic on the comments so that only legitimate users will be able to post comments. Don’t worry, it doesn’t require you to do anything. It works silently. We’ll see how effective this system is at preventing spam.

And I’ve included TinyMCE so comments can now have some simple formatting. Continue reading