Linux Switch: Day 4

I was down with the common flu yesterday hence the lack of post. I think the Internet around our area was also badly affected since last night. I couldn’t access a lot of sites, including this one. And even today, is still inaccessible. And in times of these, the wonders of Linux kicks in. With it’s extensive arsenal of network diagnostic tools, you can see what’s happening. My favorite tools are netcat and traceroute. Ping is of course universally known so it doesn’t need a mention here.

The packets are lost after they leave the ADSL modem. No wonder I don’t get a reply.

Traceroute is a great tool if you want to know where your packets are going. It’s like a tracking number when you send a parcel. You know exactly where the parcel is and where it’s going through. Traceroute works in a similar fashion.

To install traceroute, sudo apt-get install traceroute. For more information on how to use traceroute, man traceroute. It will show you the manual for traceroute. Remember, man is your best friend in Linux. Continue reading