Laser Writing

What do you do if you have a laser pointer, a camera, a very dark room and too much time? This:

Writing my name. It’s harder than it looks.

Drawing shapes. Infinity.

Simulating the KLCI during election time.

All pictures are exposed for 10 seconds at ISO 50. The only light source is from the laptop’s screen. Tell me if you’ve got other fun things to do with a laser. No, pointing them at pilots flying a plane is not funny. Continue reading

Linux Switch: Day 2

Managed to get my iPhone to talk to Linux. Two packages are needed: ipod-convenience and gtkpod. And the good news is, both packages can be installed via Ubuntu’s Synaptic Package Manager (System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager). Read Ubuntu’s guide to using an iPhone or iPod Touch.

gtkpod’s interface is nothing like iTunes. But it works flawlessly with the iPhone.

And the best thing about gtkpod? You can copy songs FROM the iPhone!

I also realized GIMP can actually replace Photoshop if you are desperate. Though GIMP lacks some functions and tools, it’s sufficient for my image editing needs. But Firefox in Ubuntu is a cause for concern. It’s slow and lagging when a lot of tabs are open. I’m not sure if it’s an issue with my hardware or Firefox itself. I surf the net a lot so this is really a problem for me. I’ll see if I can get it fixed. Update: It’s only slow with Gmail.

So that’s day 2 of my life without Windows. I don’t feel like I’m missing much, except maybe for my bookmarks on my Firefox in Windows. And most of all, I rather have Windows Live Messenger. People are complaining that my nick looks funny and I have no way of changing it.

8 more days to go.

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Free Magazines at is offering iPhone users free online magazines! All you need to do is point your iPhone’s Safari browser to If you want to use your computer to view these magazines, just get a user agent switcher or follow this guide: Using Firefox with your computer to access iPhone sites.

Lots of magazines available.

And yes, I can confirm that FHM is very conservative compared to Playboy.
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