Life is a Rollercoaster

Past 2 days have been like a rollercoaster ride. First our class on Tuesday was canceled until further notice and we got to know about that on Monday night. Today we came to work and it was announced that we will start our classes again on the 15th of August. I was thinking of flying over to Sabah for a short sightseeing trip since I’ve not been there yet. Then suddenly at 6pm today, we’re told that classes will resume tomorrow. So all plans canceled and it will be back to studying tomorrow.

Rapid prototyping. That’s what I love about PICs. It took 4 hours including dinner to do this. This 16F88 with internal ADC is going to become a battery monitor for 2 battery packs in a giant scale RC plane.

And this shows how good the battery life of an iPhone is. Alright, maybe the test was a bit biased. But still, impressive figures.

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