Busy Week

Been busy with exam and work and social life so haven’t got time to update yet. Busy getting ready to go back Kuching and maybe to Sabah as well for Merdeka. Will see how things go.

One of the bridges of Putrajaya. Click on image to view larger photo.

I was at Putrajaya last Sunday with virtual mystic, Tan and Dr Razi (from Mercy Malaysia) to try out photographing fireworks. It was drizzling that night and it seemed that we would not be able to get our cameras to shoot. But as the time of the performance drew nearer, the rain started to subside. But winds were very strong which was not a good sign because that means the fireworks would get blown away.

When shooting fireworks, the rule of the thumb is to shoot using long exposures to get those colourful streaks. But after trying a few shots with long exposure, I realised that the photos weren’t as nice because the trail of the fireworks cause by the blowing wind made it look like camera shake. So I took out the 50mm and shot at wide open and 1/30 second exposure. Now I know why people shoot at longer exposures. Here are some photos that turned out OK.

Reminds me of the construction of a virus.

Coconut tree.

Note the smaller explosion on the bottom. It seems as if the explosion happened on the launch site.

Interesting colors.

Sperms swimming towards 2 eggs.

All the above photos were taken using high shutter speed so you just see the instantaneous image of the firework. I wasn’t really expecting photos like that. I prefer smoother lines and longer streaks. I think one of the best photos taken that night was by virtual mystic:

Taken by virtual mystic using 10 second exposure. Love the top explosion.

Anyways, this was my first time and I’ve learned that fireworks must always be shot with a longer exposure. At least I prefer it that way because of the smoother and more graceful results. So I’ve decided to postpone my trip back to Kuching to attend the fireworks finale at Putrajaya this Friday night for another shot at fireworks photography. I’ll be sure to set my camera to make long exposures this time. Continue reading