Nikon D40 Shoot

It was a boring Saturday night so I decided to set up my DIY studio lights in my room again and borrow Tan’s D40 for a shoot. All photos were shot with the 50mm @ f11. Cropping, levels and curves done in photoshop.

The Nikon D40. Diffused light from top. Camera mounted on tripod.

The biggest drawback of the D40: the F mount without the AF drive pin. Diffused light from front.

Simple and easy to use. Less buttons means you spend more time shooting than fiddling with settings. Diffused light from top.

Nikkor 18-55mm kit lens. Perfect for general photography. This and the 55-200mm will complete your D40 lens collection. Diffused light from top. Lens balanced precariously on tripod.

Accepts 52mm filters.

The only complaint that I had when shooting this set was the lack of a second flash unit. Lighting in some of the photos could be improved with a second source of light. And also, I need to build better soft boxes, ones that will not leak light through to the surroundings.

UPDATE: DIY studio lighting for this shoot. Continue reading

Ampang Look Out Point

Went up to Look Out Point at Ampang few days back. It was hell of a journey up with incredibly steep climbs so I won’t suggest anyone driving manual to go unless you really have no choice. I won’t want to drive a manual up there and rear end somebody when you miss the clutch.

Great view from the top.

We ate at this restaurant with the most people (you can’t miss it, it’s bursting with people) called Look Out Point Restaurant and Cafe. Food was ok albeit the small portion. Price was ok. I paid RM20 for a lamb chop with ice lemon tea.

It was 25C at the top.

Getting there was a bigger problem. The legendary Friday jam + 3 day weekend jam hit us hard.

Some tunnel.

Going through the city.

After eating we went down a bit to get better shots of the city. The observation deck was too shaky to mount the 500mm. So we set up our equipment by the road side.

This stretch of road is quite popular with rempits and couples.

KLCC. They switch off the lights after 1.

Roger shooting with his new D40.

When we reached there it was great because it just rained so the sky was clear. And because it just rained the roads were went. Halfway shooting, we heard “screech….. bump”. I assumed someone just locked their brakes while coming down and landed themselves in a ditch. So drive carefully.

Special thanks to virtualmystic for driving us up. Continue reading