Spontaneous Genting Trip

It was a very hot Sunday night so I suggested that we grab a few beers and head up to Genting to chill and maybe have a cup of espresso at Starbucks before driving back down again. So we set off at 10:30pm from home. Good weather, no traffic.

Alvin caught in the act.

This was the very first time driving all the way up to Genting (we usually take the cable car) so you can imagine my surprise when I discovered how freaking steep the climbs were. At one point I was in 2nd gear and at around 2k rpm and I full throttled it and the car refused to accelerate. I thought I had blown the engine.

Marks the model.

Tan and me. Flash creating harsh shadows.

Alvin and Marks. Tan seen handling his D40 on the left.

Genting is cool. I love the weather here. And at night it’s all so surreal, like you’re walking among clouds. And the wind is always there. So is the crowd. At 1am, Starbucks is so packed that there’s not one empty table.

Hotel first world. Hand held, didn’t bring the tripod.

The Genting bus terminal. Deserted except for a security guard.

Genting express in bay 2.

So foggy. The lights create a nicely diffused glow.

We headed down at around 2am. All the way down I can smell the brakes burning but thankfully they did not fade. Reached home at about 3am and slept well into Monday. Continue reading