How to Cook Juicy Lamb Chops

After eating the lamb chop at Ampang Look Out Point, the desire to create the perfect lamb chop dish led me cook today’s dish. I had pan fried lamb before this but it was bad because the lamb became hard after cooking. I had to find out how they really do it.

Lamb marinated with bbq sauce. I should have went with mushroom sauce but I couldn’t find it in Tesco. It is best to leave the lamb marinated for at least 24 hours so the sauce will marinate into the lamb entirely.

A dash of lemon for flavoring, green capsicum and cherry tomatoes to keep the body happy, and fries (not shown here) to complete the meal.

And not forgetting mint sauce for the lamb. This really completes a lamb chop meal.

The secret to cooking juicy and tender lamb chops is searing and then grilling. Searing is a method of cooking the surface of the meat only. After searing, you’ll need to grill the lamb again so it’s thoroughly cooked. I did this by using 2 different pans since I don’t have an oven.

On the right is the hot non-stick pan with gas at full power used for searing. The lamb is cooked on one side only for about 3 minutes or until I see the surface turning slightly crispy and black. Then the lamb is transferred to the electric plate on the left and placed to cook on the other side. Heat on the plate is set to 120 degrees Celsius. If you look at the lamb chops on the electric plate, you can see that the top surface is seared already. The lamb is left to cook on the electric plate for about 6 minutes.

Add in the other ingredients with the lamb and arrange for presentation. The lemon goes well with the fries as well. Salad would be nice here. Maybe next time.

Lessons learned from this dish: lamb needs to be marinated longer and mushroom sauce will be a better choice. Cherry tomatoes are sour. Tesco doesn’t always sell pre-marinated lamb chops.

If you have any other techniques for cooking lamb chops, do let me know. I’m always looking out for better ways to cook lamb to ensure that their juiciness remains. Continue reading