10 Things I Hate About the iPhone

The iPhone is not the perfect phone. It has its flaws too. Here are a few things that I think the iPhone can improve upon:

1. Recessed ear jack

The recessed earphone jack means that 99.99% of the earphones out there cannot be used plugged into the iPhone without an adaptor. The supplied earphone works well but lacks the punchy bass. This has been fixed on the iPhone 3G.

2. No Flash support on Safari

Flash content will not be rendered on iPhone’s Safari browser. You can still watch youtube videos using the iPhone’s built in youtube application. But what about all those cool flash games like Bloon tower defense?

3. Limited Bluetooth functionality

Got a nice photo that you want to send to your friends? Sorry but you can’t use your iPhone’s Bluetooth to do that. The Bluetooth connection is for Bluetooth headsets only. On the iPhone, you can either ON or OFF your Bluetooth. That’s it.

4. Prone to scratches

The iPhone’s aluminum body is not scratch resistant. Being a relatively soft metal, the aluminum back will scratch if you throw it around carelessly. Most people will have their iPhones covered up all the time which really defeats the purpose of buying an iPhone.

5. Sound quality is not excellent
You can’t do custom EQ curves.

Many have complained about the audio quality of the iPhone. Bass tend to break at higher volumes and the equalizer isn’t customizable. If you are an audiophile, the iPhone will disappoint you. But if you are like me who don’t blast my music, the iPhone will satisfy you.

6. Sub par camera
Too easy to use. One button only.

Photo taken by the iPhone. No post processing, just resizing and adding my site URL.

The 2.0 megapixel camera on the iPhone isn’t excellent. It takes decent photos but not great. No autofocus, no flash, no zoom, no settings at all. Just one button to take a picture. This is pretty bad considering phones nowadays pack 5 megapixel cameras complete with autofocus and xenon flash.

7. No video recording
Did I mention that you can’t record videos on the iPhone? That’s right, you won’t find any sex tapes made using an iPhone.

8. No copy and paste
This is by far the most important feature that is lacking on the iPhone. Sometimes I want to copy some text from my SMS and paste it on to Notes but I can’t because there’s no way of selecting and copying text. Want to delete a bunch of text? Backspace is the only option. You can’t select all and delete.

9. Screen smudges easily

After 10 minutes of use, you’ll have a screen full of fingerprints. Wiping only makes it clean until the next use. I’ve tried but I’ve come to realize that you can never get rid of fingerprints on the iPhone. You’ll have to live with it.

10. SMS limitations
Want to send a poison pen SMS to 10 of your friends. You’ll be dead before you finish. The iPhone does not allow SMSes to be sent to multiple persons. Heck, I can’t even forward my SMSes. I have to retype if I want to forward. And I cannot insert contacts to my SMS. If I need to SMS a number to a friend, I need to remember that number and type it out myself.

There, the 10 things that I hate MOST about my iPhone. There are also other problems like its unremovable battery, poor external speaker, and lack of MMS which some people might find annoying. I couldn’t care less.

If the above issues can be fixed, the iPhone will be the perfect phone for me. Even if they’re not, I can live with it because to me, they’re not serious enough to make me dump my iPhone for another phone. Why? Check out the 10 things I love about my iPhone! Continue reading